Monday, May 14, 2012

Moon Phase Pro v4.0 Apk Android App

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: 3D interactive simulation of the moon. For any date/location, shows phase, crescent angle, rise/set times, and nearest syzygies.

 · Change phase by touchscreen, trackball, or direct date entry
 · Calendar shows month's phases at a glance
 · Data page gives additional details: distance, azimuth, altitude, transit, and more
 · Notifications for major phases
 · "Live" wallpaper for ALL Android versions!
 · 4 sizes of widget
 · SonyEricsson LiveView™ support (Extends:com.sonyericsson.extras.liveview)

 What's in this version:
 Support Real3D on LG Optimus 3D devices.
 Update translations.
 Add wallpaper settings to main Settings activity.
 Add dawn & dusk to Data page.
 Make text in Data fields selectable by long-press.
 Improve dialog buttons and various icons.
 Improve resizable widget graphics on Android 3.1+.
 Remove NETWORK STATE permission.
 Fix bug: XL widget not working on Galaxy Note (and similar devices).
 Fix bug: changing date/time by keyboard not taking effect if OK immediately pressed.

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