Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WeFi PRO Beta v1.9.4.96

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: WeFi BETA by WeFi Labs, - Next generation PRO connection manager! Automatically connect your phone to the best Wi-Fi network around you! Share public tagging of free Wi-Fi hotspots with millions of users around the world! Over 100,000,000 Wi-Fi hotspots from all over the globe!

 WeFi BETA by WeFi Labs, - Next generation PRO connection manager! Automatically connect your phone to the best Wi-Fi network around you! Share public tagging of free Wi-Fi hotspots with millions of users around the world! Over 100,000,000 Wi-Fi hotspots from all over the globe! Works with Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G!
 Be among the first users to try it!

 NOTE: WeFi BETA is an early release and may contain bugs. Geeks Welcome!

 communication, connection manager, wifi, wi-fi, wireless, network, net, wimax, 2g, 3g, 4g, hotspot, hot-spot, hot spot, automatic, auto-connect

 Latest version: (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

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Quickoffic Pro v5.0.166 Apk Android

Requirements: Android OS 2.0 - 2.3.x
Overview: re you looking for a way to make your phone a powerful productivity tool? Quickoffic Pro takes mobile productivity to the next level with one of the most comprehensive suites you can find on Android. Create, access, edit, and share all of your Microsof Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations with QuickofficPro on your Android smartphone.

 Anytime Offic Editing
 Quickoffic Pro lets you get work done on the road by allowing easy access to Microsof Word, Excel, and PowerPoint wherever you take your mobile. This app also provides you with a convenient PDF viewer so you can keep your important documents with you at all times. View document footnotes and endnotes in Word. Use the text-to-speech voice input and text recital option for an alternative way to word-process your documents. Get the most out of your Android device with this award-winning productivity suite.

 Cloud Compatibility
 Conveniently access, share, and manage files remotely from your Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe accounts. You'll get the same access and permissions to your files from your SD card with the enhanced Connected File Manager. You can even save space on your device by installing this app to your SD card.

 Complete File Management
 Clean up your files and sort folders by name, type, size, and date. You can easily rename, copy, or delete files as well. Quickoffic Pro lets you create, open, and edit your PowerPoint files (.ppt and .pptx). Insert shapes and render vertical text in your presentations. Gain clipboard access so you can cut, copy, and paste between apps. Looking for a bit of photo editing within this app? Insert and resize text boxes, shapes, and images from your gallery or camera.

 Excel Support
 Are you an Excel expert? Don't limit yourself to just basic input options. Quickoffic Pro supports advanced formulas and charts so you can get creative with your spreadsheets. Apply formulas to multiple cells by tapping and dragging. Add, delete, and rename worksheets in Excel files.

 A Productive Point of View
 The thumbnail preview lets you scroll easily so you can skim documents with multiple pages and get to the content you're looking for. Edit documents in Page Layout mode.

 Access all of your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files

 Create your PowerPoint presentation on the go

 Manage your Excel sheets complete with complex formulas
 Your Mobile Productivity Solution
 Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps--NY Times

 Top 10 Finalist--Mobile Apps Showdown--CES 2011

 "If you are a person who gets sent documents on the go and has a need to edit them on the go then you should look at Quickoffic."--ZDNet

 "If you're hoping to do some hardcore word processing on your Android phone, Quickoffic has your back."

 "Convenience at its finest."

 Key Microsof Offic Features
 Create, view, and edit Microsof Word documents (.doc and .docx)
 Create, view, and edit Excel spreadsheets (.xls and .xlsx)
 Create, view, and edit PowerPoint presentations (.ppt and .pptx)

 Key Connected File Manager Features
 Seamlessly access Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe
 Browse zip files and copy files from zip folders to other directories
 View Offic and non-Offic files within the file manager
 Create, copy, move, delete and rename files and folders
 Share files via e-mail, SMS, Bluetooth, and cloud services
 Access and manage files on your SD Card

 Product Features
 Take your work with you with this mobile Microsof Offic application
 Create, view, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on the go
 Seamlessly access Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe
 Open and view PDF documents, including password protected and encrypted files
 Take pictures with your Android's camera and paste them neatly into documents

 What's new in version 5.0.166
 We have addressed your concerns over our permissions with this update. We apologize that our prior update included permissions that allowed us to trap certain error conditions that we read from the detailed log data. Please rest assured we access only operational log data and not any personal information on your device. We respect your privacy and listened to your feedback so this update removes those permissions. Please update your app and any negative reviews, if you don’t mind. Thank you!

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PathAway GPS Express Edition v5.61.04.01 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview: Outdoor GPS Navigation, Tracking, and Mapping app for recreational or pro use.

 Powerful and versatile GPS application for any outdoor recreational or professional use. Record tracks, capture points, create and follow routes, navigate with online, cached, or custom imported maps. The Express Edition is a fully customizable navigation and mapping solution with support for customized PathAway maps. Use the PathAway tools to create and calibrate your own layered maps. Any digitized map can be turned into a moving map navigational chart. PathAway maps can also be created or acquired from third-party sources. Visit for links to PathAway map sources.

 PathAway's powerful feature-set makes it useful for backcounty and outdoor adventure or any off-road GPS activity such as aviation, boating, off-road driving, hiking, cycling, touring, Geocaching, rally racing, motorcycle touring, running and athletic training, ballooning, fishing, hunting, paragliding, mountain climbing, ultra-light flying, canoeing, snowmobiling, scuba diving, outdoor education, mapping/GIS, mining, military training, surveying, site inspection, telematics, field data collection, search and rescue, or any application where location is important.

 - Tried and tested software base developed with user feedback over the last 10 years on many different mobile device platforms;

 - Use online maps from Google maps, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap (Topo), USGS Topos and aerials, FAA USA Aviation charts, ArcGIS World and USA Topographic, Natural Resources Canada topographic maps;
 - Maps are downloaded on-the-fly as you travel;
 - Maps are cached for off-line use when connectivity is not available;
 - Import and use customized PathAway maps created using PathAway Map Creation Tools or 3rd party Mapping Applications;

 - perform extensive GPS track logging limited only by system memory;
 - track in the background while using other applications or with the device locked.
 - Pause and continue track timer for precision timing;
 - One touch "BackTrack" feature to find your way home after recording your way out;
 - Manage and Edit Track logs and track points;

 - Capture points, describe by name, icon, description, photo from gallery or camera;
 - Over 100 icons to choose from;
 - Manage and Edit Points;
 - Organize your points by creating multiple Points Databases;

 - Navigate using point-to-point or multi-point routes;
 - Create navigational routes simply be tapping on the map to add or insert route points;
 - Proximity to point and off-track Alarms;
 - Auto Rotate maps to direction of travel
 - Uses build-in magnetic compass for slow speed directional location. Great for Geocaching when you’re trying to pin-point a cache..
 - View navigational information on a customizable dashboard;
 - Map View or Compass and Info Views;
 - Multiple coordinate grid and datum display including lat/long, UTM, OSGB, MGRS, MGA, GGRS87, Warschauer, Localized Grids for Austria, Germany, Quebec, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel.

 - Import/Export GPX, KML, KMZ, and PathAway delimited files.

 Recent changes:
 Version - Feb 17 2012
 - Added New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000 (NZTM2000) Grid Coordinate System
 - Added: New German localizations
 - Added: "Take Picture" to point context menu.

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HD Caller ID Pro v1.1.7 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Do you think the photo of contact is too small when you get or make a phone call. You could try to use this app, this app will display full screen and high quality photo of contact when you get phone call, make a phone call, miss a phone call or get SMS message. It will help you to quick know who is calling, who is sending to you a SMS message or who is you missing a phone call.

 ★ Full screen for incoming call.
 ★ Full screen for outgoing call.
 ★ Full screen for missed call.
 ★ Full screen for SMS message.
 ★ You can choose a high quality photo as a full screen photo of contact.
 ★ Offer five different themes.
 ★ Choose picture from facebook

 What's in this version:
 Fix HD Caller ID hang on the screen.
 Add speaker button for 3th and 4th theme.

Download Instructions:


Premium Downloader v1.08 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: A fully automated download manager for Android that uses a premium accounts.

 A fully automated download manager for Android that uses a premium accounts.

 - multiple downloads
 - fully automated Queue
 - Pause / Resume downloads
 - support for downloading large files
 - adding multiple links simultaneously from the clipboard
 - Premium Accounts manager

 Support for Hosting Services such as:
 - Filesonic
 - Wupload
 - Megaupload
 - Fileserve
 - Hotfile

 For Hotfile downloads, "Direct download" option must be enabled. To do this, login on your Hotfile account (by web browser) and go to "My Account -> Edit Account -> Premium Options"

 What's in this version:
 some bugfixes
 multithread / multipart downloading
Added Uploaded support

Download Instructions:

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.4.90 Apk Android

 Requirements: 1.6 and up
 Overview: Robust anti-theft, anti-malware, privacy protection and call/SMS filter

 Protect your smartphone like the mini-PC that it is. Kaspersky Mobile Security delivers real-time protection from viruses, spam, malicious programs, and unwanted calls and SMS texts, plus an instant, cloud-based scanning of downloaded apps. Our unique privacy mode allows you to control access to your contacts and communications. And, advanced anti-theft protection remotely disables, cleans, and finds your missing phone via Google Maps – even if your SIM card has been replaced.

 More Info: To get 90 days free licence go to enter valid email adress and this promo code

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Glass Widgets Full v2.0.0 Apk Android

Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: Yet another set of basic home screen widgets.

 This package contains:

 * Glass Clock Widget (with weather)
 * Glass Calendar Widget
 * Glass News Widget (RSS feeds)

 They are designed to provide you with the most important information at a glance, yet still allow you to enjoy the sight of your (Live-) wallpaper. Less is more ;)

 Full version include:

 - Adjust Background Color (and transparency)
 - Adjust Text Color (and transparency)

 What's in this version:
 New feature: Much improved management of news feeds. Support for Google News, including custom subjects. Just create a custom Google News feed and enter the keyword 'android' for example, and you get a feed with Android news articles drawn from all of Google's many sources.
 More fiddling with calendar time zones. Seems my 'quick fix' for v1.9.1 was just a tad too quick.
 More efficient use of cache when Android re-starts the widgets after killing it temporarily
 New icon

Download Instructions:


Formulae Pro v3.7.2 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Formulae is a great app for when you want to study on the go, or you're just a little forgetful with all those important equations!

 Contains chemistry and maths content, including functional groups, named reactions (including mechanisms) and, of course, loads of equations.

 This is the Pro version which has more features than the free version, including:
 - Custom equations: create your own equations, and send them to the developer
 - Integration of Lab Tech beta, Espiandev's new app!
 - the warm, fuzzy feeling from supporting a poor undergraduate
 - Multipane UI for tablet devices

 NOTE: A lot of people have been requesting physics equations. These are planned and are in the pipeline. But please be patient, I do have a degree to compete with!

 What's in this version:
 New icon
 Behind the scenes improvements & bugfixes
 Links between Spectroscopy and Functional groups

Download Instructions:

Sandwich Dash HD v2.0.0 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: Make the ultimate sandwich and feed impatient hungry customers in Sandwich Dash!

 Build the ultimate sandwich and feed your hungry customers before they lose patience in Sandwich Dash, the fast-paced sandwich building game guaranteed to get your mouth salivating!

 Create delicious, mouthwatering sandwiches against the clock by tapping the correct ingredients and moving them to the counter to build your sandwich. The quicker you are, the bigger the tip! Take a tour of the world starting out in the country side, move on up to the big city, and then take your sandwich shop overseas and share the sandwich love with the world!

 Tap the food items to create huge sandwiches for your hungry customers. If you like games like Farm Frenzy, Sandwich Shop, Stand O’Food, and time-management games like Sally’s Spa, Sally's Salon, and Diner Dash, you’ll love this game!

 Prepare the right sandwich order for your customers and race against the clock in Dash mode. Want a challenge? Test your skill in the Endless mode where you’re serving more customers along with bigger, more delicious sandwiches!

 Share your score on Facebook and compete with friends on our friends and global leaderboard!

 Incredible Soundtrack
 Amazing graphics
 New level updates in the near future
 And more!

Download Instructions:

Galaxy Wars Tower Defense v1.7.5 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: A Sci-Fi Tower Defense with Stunning Graphics and Big Maps!

 ###This is named star wars tower defense before, but to avoid misunderstood , we changed the name to this one.###
 A Space Sci-Fi Tower Defense with Stunning Graphics and Super Big Maps!
 Galaxy Wars is the most anticipated and visually stunning Tower Defense game.

 * Stunning Graphics, Particle Effects and Animations.
 * Super big maps with the resolution of 1380x900 and 1720x1080!
 * 5 maps with three levels of difficulty(coming more).
 * Interactive terrain with open path.
 * 6 Types of Towers with 3 Upgrade Levels Each.
 * 3 game modes: Classic, Extended & Endless.
 * Use two fingers to zoom in battle field.
 * Weapons shop and achievements make game more interesting to play in a long time.

 What's in this version: v1.7.5 - 46 - 2.28.2012
 2.1.Fix the display of hp.
 3.2.Fix a crash bug in tablet/pad devices when you touch 10 fingers(too many touch points).
 4.3.More FREE reward points in reward system.
 5.4.Your 5 star rating keeps us motivated to produce upcoming updates to make Galaxy Wars even better!

Download Instructions:

MAME4droid Reloaded v1.0 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: MAME4droid Reloaded is developed by David Valdeita (Seleuco), port of MAME 0.134u4 emulator by Nicola Salmoria and TEAM.

 MAME4droid Reloaded emulates arcade games supported by original MAME 0.134u4.
 This MAME4droid version is targeted to Dual-Core devices (1GHz and 512MB RAM minimum), because it is based on a high specs 2009 PC MAME build.
 Anyway don't expect arcade games of the 90 to work at full speed. With some games that are really bad optimized (like outrun or mk series) you will
 need at least a 1.5 ghz dual-core device. This is related to MAME build used, since it is targeted to high specs PC's as i said before.
 This version doesn't have an uml back end ARM dynamic recompiler, which means drivers based on high specs arcade CPUs won't be playable
 (it has not sense since this games will be slow in any case).
 Said that, with a low end device, use at your own risk. I suggest you use MAME4droid (0.37b5) instead.
 Remember that games that can be emulated on both MAME4droid versions will run much faster on MAME4droid (0.37b5) than on MAME4droid Reloaded (0.134),
 and will drain less battery.
 This version emulates over 8000 different romsets.
 Please, don't email me asking for a specific game to run.
 Tips to help performance: use lower quality sound or switch it off. Disable stick and buttons animations and disable smooth scaling also.
 After installing, place your MAME-titled zipped roms in /sdcard/ROMs/MAME4droid/roms folder.
 MAME4droid Reloaded uses only '0.134u4' romset.
 Save States
 Support for 2.1 and upper Android devices.
 Native support for Android Honeycomb tablets.
 HW Keys remapping.
 Touch Controller can be shown/hidden.
 Smooth image.
 Overlay Filters, scalines, CRT..
 Digital or Analog touch selectable.
 Animated touch stick or DPAD.
 Button Layout customizable control.
 iON's iCade and iCP (as iCade mode) external controllers supported.
 Wiimote support using WiiCrotroller Market app.
 Tilt Sensor as left/right.
 1 to 6 buttons optionally shown.
 Options for video aspect ratio, scaling, rotate.

Download Instructions:

Sneezies v1.0 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android:2.1 and up
Overview: Chain Reaction - Bubble Popping Fun Sneezies is an overload of cuteness!

 Grab a cup of tea, sit back in your favorite plush chair, and enjoy the soothing relaxed gameplay featuring fantastic graphics and sweet melodies.

 Touch the screen to drop a burst of sneezing powder into the field of floating Sneezies and watch as they sneeze themselves out of their bubbles. Try to initiate a chain reaction to rescue as many Sneezies as you can in this family fun puzzle game.

Download Instructions:


AR-App - Dosenwerfen v1.2 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android:2.1 - 3.2
Overview: Experience the fascination of augmented reality with our interactive AR game. Karl Knauer turns your desktop into the shooting gallery of the future!

 If you don’t have the necessary marker in form of our note cube, you can download and print the image here:

Download Instructions:


Prison Rabbit v1.1 ARMv6/7 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Save your rabbit brother ,It's a good puzzle game.

 "Prison Rabbit" is a nice puzzle game over 1000000 download

 4.9 out of 5 amazing. - ★★★★★
 by Voltage
 Good game. Mabye if you keep the Updates comming i bet You guys could get this to the top25. Suggestions: make the intro more like a movie make the screen darken for a end of a slide and brighten up for the next. And mabye you could make the game a bit larger, i have a hard time seeing the game like mist games nowdays.

 好玩^_^ - ★★★★★


 Game background is a story of aliens came to the village, stole all of the Carrot, several villagers speculate Final conclusion: certainly the rabbits stole! So the police arrest three hapless rabbit Immediately.
 You ,the rabbit boss came to the prison, open your mind and wisdom to rescue your brother .

Methods of operation:
 Drag or click on the screen with your finger can eliminate the obstacles .
 Double-click to zoom in / out the screen. you can eliminate the small obstacles .
 Two fingers on the screen while moving, you can see around.

 Full touch screen games, easy to operate
Innovative puzzle game
 The game is simple, addictive game
 Funny funny game style
 Cheerful background music, funny cartoon game

Download Instructions:
 ARMv6 :

Mirror :

 ARMv7 :

Mirror :

Vampire's Fall v1.130 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Put yourself in the shoes of a newly-made vampire with a whole world to explore.

 Vampire's Fall is a dark RPG with a rich single-player experience as well as multiplayer battles over wifi or 3G.

 -Play as a Blood or Death Vampire.
 -Discover over a thousand unique items.
 -Defeat hundreds of monsters.
 -Experience a great storyline and battle your way through a heap of challenging quests.
 -Use many different attacks to fight your enemies.
 -Drink shots of blood to improve your attacks.
 -Get as deep as possible in Halls of the Dead.
 -Battle your friends and other players over wifi or 3G.
 -Climb to the top of the multiplayer leaderboards.

 "Great game. Very unique gameplay, great storyline, multiple options. :-)"

 "Totally addicting. Very fun storyline that lasts hours and hours 9.5/10!"

 "Addicting. It has the weirdest charm to it but it's fun and extremely addicting."

 "Love it"

Download Instructions:

Seven Hearts Free v1.04 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android:2.1 and up
Overview: Once upon a time an upleasent story happened to angel called Amour. He fell ill exactly in St. Valentines Day eve, and couldn't complete his duties in time.

 And now he is to hurry up to make it done. Just this can save a holiday (St. V. Day).
 - breathtaking game atmosphere
 - attractive gameplay
 - nice graphics and sounds
 - customizable difficulty
 - different bonuses

Download Instructions:

Mirror :

101 v1.0 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android:2.1 and up
Overview: 101 - a popular card game in which every once played.

 Game rules are simple, fast and memorable game delivers unlimited entertainment.
 The game is also known as the Mau Mau, a fool Czech, English fool.
 - Intuitive operation
 - Strong AI iskystvenny Intelligence
 - 2-5 opponents
 - Customization for all known variants of
 - A special schedule
 A variety of options, special attention is paid to detail!

Download Instructions:


Shopper's Paradise HD v1.0.8 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Tower Defense meets Tycoon in this addictive game!

 Build the ultimate shopper's paradise, become a retail magnate and outsmart your competition before the last customer leaves town.

 "It's fun, compulsive, and easy to fit around your no doubt hectic life." - PocketGamer

 Build you stores, hire employees, order inventory and get rich! Serve your customers well and make sure they leave your town with no more money to spend! With a variety of maps and goals, Shopper's Paradise will give you hours of fun! Looking for some game to play on your lunch break? Shopper's Paradise HD is the one, but be careful not to get caught playing it after your lunch break is over! Be warned: Shopper's Paradise is really ADDICTIVE!

 Game tasks:
 * build, buy and sell stores, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants and warehouses
 * hire employees and manage inventory
 * build houses in your town to bring in more workers
 * pick best locations
 * maintain your properties
 * hire police offiers to keep your town safe
 * catch thieves...if you can!

 All this and more in our first addictive map pack that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. Build your own shopping paradise and become a millionaire!

 "I had been looking for good simulation games on the market and had found only a few. I am pleased to say that I found one that I will be holding on to. Shopper's Paradise HD lives up to everything I was expecting from it and even a little more."

 "Shopper's Paradise HD is way more complete and enjoyable than the first one, as it includes more options and the design and graphics are better and visually more engaging." -AndroidZoom

 "... highly addictive and will keep you happily entertained for a very long time. It is highly recommended."

 Shopper's Paradise HD is brought to you by Second Gear Games, creator of Bubble Defense, Archipelago, Word Collapse and other popular games.

 Latest Updates
 What's new in version 1.0.8
 Stability improvements
Added Google Analytics

Download Instructions:


Cordy v1.70.10457 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: FUN & FANTASTIC!

 CORDY is the little robot with the big job - to power up his world! Help Cordy run, jump, push, pull, lift, throw, bounce, swing, and hover in this beautiful console-quality 3D puzzle platform game. Download now, and get ready to harness the power of pure fun!
 • "One of mobile gaming's most accomplished platformers." -IGN. "gorgeous... compelling" -Pocket Gamer & The Guardian.
 • HOURS OF GAMEPLAY. The full game is packed with many more levels that increase in length: fast-paced fun, yet difficult to master! "Tons of Replay Value" -Touch Arcade.
 • PLAY FREE BEFORE YOU BUY. Try 4 free awesome levels so you can be sure you like the game. You can buy the full game from within using In-App Billing. This feature can then be turned off in the game's Settings.
 • WANT MORE GAMES LIKE THIS? Play SLEEPY JACK! Top 10 Best of E3: "Adorable Psychonauts-esque presentation and solid gameplay...that is also tight and arcadey" -Pocket Gamer BEST APP OF THE WEEK: "It's the sort of happiness-inducing experience that you want to share with everyone." -Kotaku
 • 'LIKE' Cordy at & follow SilverTree on Twitter @silvertreemedia
 • Xperia PLAY optimized.

 What's in this version:

Preview more of the full game.
 Try cool special abilities such as throw, swing, and hover - for free!
 Improved stability.

Download Instructions:



Titanium Backup:

 1. Install apk.
 2. Extract the 2 files in Cordy_backup.rar to SDcard\TitaniumBackup.
 3. Run Titanium Backup, select restore data.
 4. Run Cordy and enjoy the full game.

Epic Defense – the Elements v1.0.1 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: This is a Tower Defense game you’ve never played before!

 The most worth waiting killer-level Tower Defense game in 2012 --- Epic Defense – the Elements!
 NO AD! FREE to download!! No locked function!!!

 The story dates from remote ages which is a chaotic, the Terran has established regulations for this ancient world while the orcs has been casting their covetous eyes on the Terran’s civilized cities and trying to break the peace of the world.
 Finally ,they launched an attack to the Terran, the Terrans retreated one step after another...and fall back on their wall of the old city.
 There, the Terrans’ magicians found their ancient statute book and found the secret of the Power of Elements.
 Use the elements power to reinforce the Guard Tower will make the Tower develop a supernormal power which can use to call for a volcano, lightning ,iceberg...

 The counterattack is about to start!

 Key Features:
 - Rich story background with 21 elaborately designed levels, two different modes , three difficulty levels.
 - Comfortable operation: drag to build, sliding to pick up, Fancy design especially for android device.
 - Fluent frames: Adopting our latest game engine optimization HD map as well as the game fluency.
 - Creative play method, abundant stone combining system will bring you a totally different Tower Defense game experience!
 - A RPG-like upgrade system make the game more challenging.

Download Instructions:

Tribe Hero v1.4 Apk Android game

 2.1 and up

 Join our uga uga caveman in his endless battle to win and protect his tribe and become their hero. Venture forth and dive into a completely new world of historic battles full of mythic creatures with all sorts of powers. You will be addicted to it immediately!
 In order to reach our goal and help our hero achieve victory, you, as uga uga's sidekick, are in charge of his loyal subjects. Eliminate all opponents, and ensure uga uga a safe passage.
 Remember, reaching the far end in-game is surely to be awarded!!;)
 No matter if you're bored, sleepy, or just tired, Tribe hero is here to keep you awake and bring you countless happy moments through joy and fun.
 Some of the Tribe Hero features brought to you include:
 - multiple terrains
 - xx units for different game styles
 - clever AI
 - ground-breaking in-game mechanics
 - remarkable and revolutionary upgrade system
 - funny and interesting story of our uga uga hero
 - astonishing graphics, regardless of the device you're playing on
 - even more units in future: zombies, devils, plants... All of them are coming, and uga uga is here to make them angry ;)
 - ... much much more



Restaurant Live v1.1.0 Apk Android game

 2.0 and up
Restaurant Live is a game for restaurant lovers to play with their friends.
 Establish a five-star restaurant of your dreams and build up the reputation of your restaurant to bring in more customers and unlock bigger and better items!
 Customers will bustle around your restaurant, finding their seats, eating their food. Don't forget to make sure your customers are happy and well-fed by choosing stunning decoration and tasty new dishes!
 Game Features:
 - Design and build a five-star restaurant with visually stunning decoration
 - Visit friends' restaurants and leave them tips
 - Earn coins in real-time, even while away from the game
 - FREE updates with new dishes, decorations, themes and more!
 - It's FREE!
 Please note: A network connection is required to play.


Restaurant Live v1.1.0.apk

Fantasy Kingdom Defense v1.16.27 Apk Android game

 Varies with device
 An epic, free sword-and-sorcery fantasy tower defense game.
 Your kingdom is under attack. The Evil Lord is throwing his army of demons at the gates of your castle, and only you can stop him! Take command of an elite unit of elf archers, sword-wielding knights, powerful mages and fire-breathing dragons in this epic new swords-and-sorcery tower defense game.
 Featuring two different game modes and more than 20 levels, Fantasy Kingdom Defense is entirely free to play and offers a wealth of achievements, awards, and exciting close-quarters strategic combat.
 Awesome Features:
 - Engaging fantasy storyline.
 - Action and strategy in equal measure.
 - Close-quarters combat and long-distance artillery units.
 - Campaign and Survival modes.
 - Twenty one different levels across three fantasy worlds.
 - Three difficulty levels.
 - Entirely free-to-play, with optional in-app purchases.
 - Ten different types of defensive and attack units available.
 - Upgrade units, castles and defenses in the Elven shop.
 - Multiple awards and achievements to complete.
 - Online leaderboards for all game modes.
 - Outstanding fantasy-art visuals and full soundtrack.
 - Real cash prizes to be won by topping the online leaderboards.
Download this game now and have fun playing! Meet thousands of happy players on our growing Facebook page:
 The game asks for permission to buy Virtual goods per SMS. The purchase is fully optional.


Fantasy Kingdom Defense 1.16.27.apk

Real Racing 2 v000418 Apk Android game

 Requirements: Android 2.1+


 • Test your racing prowess on a 16 car grid against highly skilled AI drivers.

 • Select from 30 officially licensed cars including the 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, 2010 Nissan GT-R (R35), 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, and more!

 • Work your way from rookie to pro in a robust Career Mode, offering 10 hours of racing enjoyment. Jump into a Quick Race for instant fun – or race against the clock in Time Trial Mode.

 • Race in 15 beautiful locations, with 40 miles of highly detailed race tracks, speedways and city circuits – including twilight and night races.

 • Touch or tilt to steer, as you experience state-of-the-art handling with customizable options that tailor to your personal driving style.

 • Experience the intensity of head-to-head racing with 5 unique camera angles and breath-taking graphics powered by Firemint’s exclusive high performance Mint3D™ engine.

 Ready to race? Buckle in, start your engine and speed away with REAL RACING 2!

Download Instructions:

 Download sdcrad with wifi no problem...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Real Racing 2 v000407/000406 Apk Android Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+


• Test your racing prowess on a 16 car grid against highly skilled AI drivers.

• Select from 30 officially licensed cars including the 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, 2010 Nissan GT-R (R35), 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, and more!

• Work your way from rookie to pro in a robust Career Mode, offering 10 hours of racing enjoyment. Jump into a Quick Race for instant fun – or race against the clock in Time Trial Mode.

• Race in 15 beautiful locations, with 40 miles of highly detailed race tracks, speedways and city circuits – including twilight and night races.

• Touch or tilt to steer, as you experience state-of-the-art handling with customizable options that tailor to your personal driving style.

• Experience the intensity of head-to-head racing with 5 unique camera angles and breath-taking graphics powered by Firemint’s exclusive high performance Mint3D™ engine.

Ready to race? Buckle in, start your engine and speed away with REAL RACING 2!

Download Instructions:
Cracked by otricy

v1.11.02.000407 (North America)

v. (Other Countries)

v. (Other Countries) Mirrors :

 v1.11.02.000407 (North America) Mirrors :

 SD Data for Adreno

 SD Data for PowerVr:

 SD Data for Tegra:

 SD Data for Mali:

 SD Data Location :

Monday, February 27, 2012

Totemo HD v2.0.2 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android OS 2.0+
Overview: Unloose the spirit, break the spell in a unique puzzle game.

 TOTEMO is a game designed to soothe your mind and train your brain. Uncover the mystery hidden between the realms in a unique puzzle game. Travel to enchanted places of the past with your witch doctor guide and solve over 100 logic tasks. Play at your own pace. Think hard and weight carefully your next move, or just stroke your moves intuitively and let the solution emerge in front of your eyes. Play the survival mode for extra challenge, make your stand against the time and write your name into the on-line eaderboards. Unloose the spirit! Break the spell!

 - Facebook Single Sign-On support
 - Compete on your Facebook leaderboard
 - Invite or challenge your Facebook friends
 - Share your achievements on your Facebook wall

 The HD version is optimized for tablets and hi-end handsets (Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S, Droid, Desire, Incredible, myTouch 4G, G2, EVO, Nexus One, Nexus S, etc.). Try the regular non-HD version if you have a lower-specs device.

 What's in this version:
 removed system settings permission

Download Instructions:


1-click cleaner v2.0 AdFree Apk Android

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: 1-click cleaner cleans cache files, SMS, browsing history, calling records and SD card files to free more space for your smartphone. Easy, quick, and effective. No root permission required! Good privacy guard.

 1-click cleaner cleans cache files, SMS, browsing history, calling records and SD card files to free more space for your smartphone. Easy, quick, and effective. No root permission required! Good privacy guard.

 Is your mobile phone’s running speed becoming slower and slower? Are you suffering from it?
 Do you know why your mobile phone is not as fast as before? Want to solve the problem to let your mobile phone run as fast as it could be?
 The reason is that your mobile phone is getting more and more cache files! Cache files produced in Android market, Brower, Email, Twitter, Facebook and so on. What you need to do is to remove those cache files to get more available storage space to speed up running speed.

 1-click cleaner enables you:
 1.One click to clear all cache
 2 .Uninstall application
 3. Show application details
 4. One click to clear data
 5. Force stop running application
 6.Support multiple languages: Korean Japanese French German Italian Spanish Russian
 7.Shook clear: shake the phone to clear the cache

 What’s more: You can also clear SMS!
 1.Delete SMS by all SMS, contact SMS, or unknown SMS
 2.One click to clear all SMS
 3.Select specified message to delete

 Without root permissions, good privacy guard.
 Recent changes:
 1. New interface design, better UI , clover pattern which is more easy to use.
 2. Add Deep clear. Clear useless files in SD card and useless files when uninstall apps.
 3. Add History clear. Clear browsing history and calling records.
 4 .Add “Clear all” button in main interface.

 Translation needed!!! Any warm hearted friends, please contact me at

 If something does not work so well or if you have any advice for this app, please feel free to contact us at
 Thank you very much for using our app. we will appreciate very much if you like this app and rate it.

 Recent changes:
 Version 2.0 updates:
 1, the replacement of fresh and simple style of the new interface
 2, share the download failed fix software problems
 3, adjusting some of the software prompts, improved interactive experience
 Less description »

 Latest version: 2.0 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

Download Instructions:


iHeartRadio v4.1.1 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: iHeartRadio brings you a best-in-class customizable digital listening experience that combines the best of both worlds to deliver everything you want in one free, fully-integrated service: More than 800 of the nation's most popular live broadcast and digital-only radio stations from 150 U.S. cities, plus user-created Custom Stations.

 The Best of Live Radio
Stream broadcast stations from across the country, from Z100 in New York to KIIS FM in L.A., and every station in between. Over 800 stations coast-to-coast available anytime and anywhere.

Download Instructions:

Photo Transfer App v2.0 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1 or up
Overview: Photo Transfer App allows you to easily transfer photos and videos from your Android device to your computer as well as exchange photos from and to another Android Device, iPhone or iPad using your WiFi network.

 * Easily download multiple photos and videos from your Android Device to any computer on the same wifi network
 * Upload multiple photos from your computer to your device (photos and videos are saved to the 'Photo Transfer' album on the Gallery)

 * Transfer photos and videos from one android device to another
 * Transfer photos in a few seconds over wifi, no cables necessary

 * Transfer photos from your Android device to an iPhone or iPad
 * Send photos from an iPhone or iPad to your Android device
 * To transfer photos from Android to iPhone/iPad both devices need to have this app installed
 * NOTE: Transfer of videos between iPhone/iPad and Android is currently NOT supported

 * Access to a wifi network is required for this application to work
 * Some public wifi networks like at hotels or public spaces are configured to block communication between devices
 * To transfer from device to device both of them need to have this app installed

 What's in this version:
 Completely redesigned User Interface
 Fixed issues - Thanks for your feedback!

Download Instructions:


Opera Mobile Web Browser v12.0 Apk Android

Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Get a premium browsing experience with Opera Mobile. It is fast, smooth, and makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient than ever.

 A refreshed user interface looks better with your device and gives Opera Mobile a sleek, modern appearance. Pinch zoom and smooth panning let you surf in a natural and intuitive way. You can also share web content with others on popular social networks.

 Opera Mobile is the ultimate browser when connected over WiFi or wireless broadband.
 Also check out Opera Mini, the fastest browser on Earth. Opera Mini compresses data up to 90% and is the best choice when using slower networks or paying per megabyte of data used.

 What's in this version:
 Fixed problem with Navigation bar not fully rendered when Status bar option set to off
 Fixed problem with Opera Mobile not starting on Galaxy Tab 7.7 and 7.0 plus.
 Fixed problems with Adobe Flash on several HC and ICS devices
 Fixed problems with ICS compatibility
 Fixed problems with Geolocation
 Fixed problems with web sites not loading on some ICS devices after Gingerbread upgrade
 Fixed problems with Text Input on Kindle Fire
 Fixed problems with IPv6 support
 Known issues: Flash has issues on ICS 4.0.3 devices

Download Instructions:


Soccer Statistics Pro v1.8 Full Apk Android

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Soccer Statistics for 153 leagues / cups. Table and comparison of teams.
 Football Statistics

 Soccer Statistics for 153 leagues / cups. Table and comparison of teams.
 Football Statistics
 *with out adds*
 Football statistics for 153 leagues and cups.
 In England they are available until the 7. leagues, (conference and so on) . Now you find international friendlies and European Championships Qualification in the app.
 Also you find stats for Champions League and Europa League.
 For each league you can find the table and the playing schedule of the current season. For the current matchday detailed statistics for each match are obtainable. For each match, there are Head 2 Head comparisons. The teams are contrasted with each other and the goals as well as the goals against are going to be compared. In addition, the trend of the last matches is readable. Five stars cater for a simple overview, which team has been better in the comparing statistics.
 After the games you find the lineup, cards and scorer for all games. Also you find every substitution for the games. So you have the pregame and after game information in this app.
 The statistics constitute a must-have for each football fan! In what form is my favourite team? What can be said about the rival? Will there be a home victory? Or rather an away win? Will there be a defeat for my team? This app assists in the opinion formation before the match and it also shows the results after the match.
 The app is as well useful for each sports bettor. You can have a look at the whole statistics on just one page for all matches you are willing to bet on. Are you on the way in the betting shop of Ladbrokes and just want to rethink your betting slip? Then just involve the statistics of this app. It also makes sense while betting on homepages of providers such as Bwin, Betfair and WilliamHill and others.
 But this App is not a betting app. This statistic are useful for every football fan.
 Where stand my team after the match? Take a look on the livetable!
 By means of this app, it is very easy for you to create your own sports betting predictions. There will be no automatic football predictions within this app. But I think every punter and football fan loves this app! You can use this app for the leagues your newspaper doesn't report. You'll find leagues and cups all over the world in this app.
 NEW: more leagues and cups!
 NEW: Lineup, cards, substitution, scorer
 NEW: Hide / Show leagues / cups in the next game overview
 NEW: Champions League & Euro League
 This app is for the Europe football so in America you call it soccer.
 Do you have any ideas for improvements? Please write me an email.
 153 leagues and cups are included, it can be more an request!
 Africa - Cup of Nations
 Argentinia - Primera Division
 Austria - Bundesliga
 Austria - Erste Liga
 Austria Leagues until Landesliga
 Belgium - Jupiler Pro League
 Belgium - 2nd Divison
 Brazil - Serie A
 Denmark - SAS Ligaen
 England - Premier League
 England - Championship
 England - League One
 England - League Two
 England - Conference and until the 8. League!
 England - Carling Cup
 England - FA Cup
 Finland - Veikkausliiga
 France - Ligue 1
 France - Ligue 2
 Germany - 1st Bundesliga
 Germany - 2nd Bundesliga
 Germany - 3rd Liga
 Germany - Regionalliga North
 Germany - Regionalliga South
 Germany - Regionalliga West
 Germany - Oberliga
 Germany - DFB Cup
 Ireland - Airtricity League
 Israel - Ligat ha\Al
 Italy - Serie A
 Italy - Serie B
 Japan - J-League
 Mexico - Primera División
 Netherlands - Eredivisie
 Norway - Tippeligaen
 Norway - Adeccoligaen
 Poland - Ekstraklasa
 Portugal - Liga Sagres
 Romania - Liga 1
 Russia - Premier Liga
Scotland - Premier League
Scotland - FA Cup
 Spain - Primera Division
 Spain - Segunda Division
 Sweden - Allsvenskan
 Sweden - Superettan
Switzerland - Super League
Switzerland - Challenge League
 Turkey - SüperLig
 USA - Major League Soccer
 Wales - Premier League
 Wales - FA Cup
 World - European Championships Qualification
 World - International Friendlies

Download Instructions:


DIRECTV Remote PRO v2.2.3 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Control your DIRECTV receiver from your phone or tablet!

 Control your DIRECTV receiver from your phone or tablet!
DIRECTV has removed our ability to access your playlist. This change takes effect with the newest firmware for DVRs. We are leaving the feature in so that those on older firmwares can still use it. It is no longer a supported feature of this app.
 This app is only $1.98 for a LIMITED TIME! Get it while you can! This app will return to it's original $4.99 price very soon!
 Full-featured DIRECTV remote control! Full control of your DIRECTV set top box via your touch screen Android device!!
 ** NOTE: This app only controls your DIRECTV receiver. It will not control any functions of your TV, such as volume and mute!
 Now features & integration! TV shows AND movies are supported!
 1) Press "Menu" and select "Parental, Fav's & Setup"
 2) Select "System Setup"
 3) Select "Whole-Home"
 4) Select "Name Location" and enter the name of the room you are in (for example: "Living Room" or "Master Bedroom"
 5) Select "External Device" and make sure all three options are set to "Allow"
 That's it! Start this app on your phone, and your receiver will be detected!
 - Comprehensive full-featured remote control surface
 - (NOT SUPPORTED) View your recordings and click to resume playback. Long-click to start the recording from the beginning. Only works on OLD versions of the DIRECTV DVR firmware.
 - "Now Playing" status bar notification
 - Save your favorite channels for quick channel changing. Simply click the star on the "Now Playing" tab to add the channel to your favorites. Then, click the yellow star tab to access your favorites list!
 - Auto-discovery of your receivers! Zero Configuration!
 - DIRECTV PLUS HD model HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24 or H21, H23, H24 (must be connected to your home network)
 Check here to see if your receivers are compatible, and if they require a network adapter from DIRECTV:
 - Wireless access to your home network for your Android device
 - Follow the "HOW TO" below!
 ** Wired DFW, LLC is not affiliated with DIRECTV. **
 ** DIRECTV could stop any or all functions of this program at any time, download at your discretion **
 ** DIRECTV is a registered trademark of DIRECTV, Inc. **
 Satellite, remote, control, DIRECTV, DIRECT, TV, DIRECTTV
DIRECTV Remote Control

Download Instructions:


WW Points Plus Diary & Scanner v18.1 Full Apk Android

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Users say this is THE BEST tool available for helping you track and stay focused on your weight loss. No other tool in this price range has this much functionality and I will continue to add what users ask for.

 Do you want a Points tracker, HUGE food lookup, comprehensive restaurant lookup and barcode scanner? Do you want to track activity points, weekly points and your daily target points? Do you want to graph your weight loss and journal everything you eat?
 Look at the reviews: Users say this is THE BEST tool available for helping you track and stay focused on your weight loss. No other tool in this price range has this much functionality and I will continue to add what users ask for.


 All use Points / Points Plus / Points Pro (UK), AUS for their calculations.

 Scan most items and get their points!

 Online database with THOUSANDS of items. Growing each and every day. Items for all supported systems

 Pick the place and menu item and let the application tell you how many points it is!

 Using any of the points you have added to the application, you can combine them into 'meals' (groups of points) and save time. This really helps to build your own food database into a very usuable, comprehensive tool.

 Includes automated time stamping to easily see what you have eaten and when is a snap. Full ability to go back historically

 Anything that you add into your tracker using any of the ways will be added to your own custom database automatically. These foods will then be available to you in a list and adding them again takes no time. Over time you will build your very own CUSTOM food database tailored you your needs with the foods you want in it. Combine this will meals and it is VERY POWERFUL!

 Optionally categorize your point entries as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snacks. View special graph of how you use categories.

 Includes AP calculator and diary tracking of weekly AP. AP can then be used for swapping with real points during the week they are accumulated.

 App automatically adds to weekly points for daily overages.

 As you lose weight your target points change. You will get alerted with a new value when entering your weight loss.

 Includes nursing and partially nursing mom's calculations. Also included maintenance point allowance for those that are in maintenance mode. Works for Points, Points Plus, Pro, AUS.




 Simple choice of pounds or inches and kilograms or centimeters. Perfect for non USA buyers.

 See your progress charted visually

 Optional helpful reminders to enter points and weight loss on meeting day.

 -- WIDGET --
 Shows points used that day, weekly points, weight loss and activity points

 Save your data when you are changing handsets.

 -- EXPORT to HTML --
 Chart on SD card you can also email



 -- NO ADS --

 What's in this version:
 ~Latest version 17.7
 Updated for 2012 minimum of 26
 New date ranges added to data export so weeks can be selectively chosen.
 New core foods selector on search.
 Weekly points notification added to days list within a week.

Download Instructions:


Live Football On TV v1.1 Full Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The ultimate Guide to watching live football on TV in the UK & Ireland.

 The ultimate Guide to watching live football on TV in the UK & Ireland. This app is unrivalled on extensive fixture accuracy and frequency. Live Football On TV is a new Android App dedicated solely to providing the user with the most up to date and extensive in depth listings of Live Football On Television in the UK & Ireland, including Live Premiership Football, live coverage of European domestic leagues such as La Liga and Serie A, Live Champions League Football television listings, Live International Football on TV and much more. -- Live Football On TV app service is updated daily. Please note: we are not a streaming service, yet.
 Satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed or I will refund you in full, so please do not worry about the market's 15 minute return race. If the app is not to your liking, please get in touch with me over at Follow updates on Twitter: @darrenmcentee
 Currently supports the following Leagues:
 - UEFA Champions League
 - UEFA Europa League
 - Global Leagues (Other)
 - Northern Ireland (IFA Premiership).
 - English Premier League
 - English Lower Leagues (Some)
 - Spanish La Liga
 - Italian Serie A
 - German Bundesliga
 - International Games
 - Scottish Premier League
 - Welsh League (Cynghrair Cymru).
 Planned additional leagues:
 - Ireland (Airtricity Premier League)
 - French Ligue 1
 - Reserves & Youth Football (English)
 - English Non League
 - Netherlands/Dutch League (Eredivisie)
 - Euro 2012
 - World Cup 2014 Qualifiers
 (More upon request)
 Hardware tested on:
 - HTC Sensation (2.3.4, Gingerbread)
 - Samsung Galaxy S (I9000).
 - Samsung Galaxy Ace (2.3, Gingerbread).
 - HTC Desire S.
 - HTC Desire (2.2, Froyo)
 Software (EMU) tested on:
 - Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich
 - Android 3.x.x Honeycomb
 - Android 2.3.x Gingerbread
 - Android 2.2 Froyo, & Samsung Galaxy Tab Froyo
 - Android 2.1 Eclair
 Follow updates on Twitter: @darrenmcentee
 * Please see the project website to contact me if you have any questions or problems — I can't respond to comments left here. *
 Please rate and review, and many  for your support!

 What's in this version:
 v1.1 - 17.01.2012 - Added support for:
 Internationals games.
Northern Ireland (IFA Premiership).
 Welsh league (Cynghrair Cymru).
 Scotland league (SPL).
 Extended Global fixtures for even more listings.
 v1.0 - 01.01.2012 - Added support for:
Initial Beta Release.
Added support for English Premier League (EPL).
Added this What's new screen to EULA.

Download Instructions:


Gaia GPS (Topo Maps) v3.2.2 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Offline topo and road maps for all of your outdoor adventures.
 Off-trail, road-tripping, or wandering abroad? Use Gaia GPS to navigate anywhere you aren't connected.

 Offline topo and road maps for all of your outdoor adventures.
 Off-trail, road-tripping, or wandering abroad? Use Gaia GPS to navigate anywhere you aren't connected.
 Gaia GPS is a full-featured outdoor GPS app, developed by Abhi, Anna, and Andrew. Please email us with questions, bug reports, feature ideas, and other feedback at
 Gaia lets you:
 • Download maps for times when you don't have an internet connection.
 • View topographic and road maps. Use USGS topo maps in the US, and CloudMade topo and road maps all over the world.
 • Record tracks and mark waypoints.
 * Export GPX, KML, and other data files.
 * Import GPX
 * Use the compass to navigate.
 * Get distance/bearing/ETA guidance.
 * Choose from UTM/MGRS/DMS/DDM or Decimal coordinates.
 * Overlay waypoints on the map.
 * Display metric or imperial units.

 What's in this version:
 V3.2.2 Changes
 Menu button for Nexus.
 App should work on Kindle Fire.
 Fix for a map download error experienced by one user.
 Couple of other small fixes.

Download Instructions:


Dual Mount SD Widget v3.28 Apk Android

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: This widget Modifies a setting that will allow you to mount your SD card to your phone and PC/Radio/ect at the same time.

 *Do Not Use android auto mount option*
 Option to auto Mount on USB Connection
 Option to run MediaScanner on Unmount.
 Changes may not reflect on both devices instantly but are there.
 Contact on Twitter for added support
 **Working on Galaxy S Bug**

 **DO NOT Move Widgets tot he Sdcard, they will stop working**

 What's in this version:
Added pref to remove alerts.
Added new mounting system to provide better device support.

Download Instructions:


Lux Auto Brightness v0.40.7 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1 or up
Overview: Lux isn't your ordinary brightness app. It intelligently adjusts the brightness of your display based on the environment you're in.

 If, for example, you step into a dimly lit room, Lux will automatically lower the brightness of your display to make it not only comfortable to read, but to also preserve battery power.

 Lux provides the option to automatically adjust the backlight at fixed intervals (periodic mode), when a change in environment is detected (dynamic mode), or when the phone wakes from sleep. It's also possible to adjust the backlight manually. Simply disable automatic mode and you can use it like a traditional brightness tool!

 Perhaps the best thing about Lux is that you can teach it how to behave. If the backlight is too bright or dim for your liking, simply open the provided Dashboard, adjust the brightness slider to the level you desire, then hold the link button. Lux will use this new 'link' as a reference in future.

 Give it a go! I want you to test Lux for more than the 15 minute refund period offered by Google. I understand that some devices may not have the best quality light sensor, and that you may need more time to play around with settings. If you find that Lux doesn't suit you after the 15 minutes is up, you can request a refund at any time via e-mail - no questions asked.

 ■ Custom auto brightness.
 ■ Sub-zero brightness to make reading in the dark significantly less irritating.
 ■ Battery efficient
 ■ Handy brightness widget
 ■ Option to use the camera to read in ambient light.
 ■ Power-user settings such as choice of interpolation, sensor debugging, and linked sample editing.
 ■ Backup to SD.
 ■ Customisable data filtering for phones with inaccurate light sensors.
 ■ Gradual fade effect for backlight adjustments.
 ■ Astronomer mode adds a red filter to the screen to preserve the eyesight of stargazers.
 ■ Jitter control to prevent constant small changes to the backlight.
 ■ Night mode, to change the colour temperature of the display for comfortable night time viewing.
 ■ Add app specific exceptions via compatibility mode
 ■ No ads, or other nuisances.

 Note: Please disable other brightness apps before using Lux. The author is not liable for any issues caused when using this app.

 What's in this version:
Added *experimental* soft key adjustment functionality (requires root)
 Fixed ICS iconography and layout (including 2x2 widget bug)
 Reduced .apk size to <500KB

Download Instructions:


VLC Media Player Beta v20120227 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: VLC Media Player Beta v20120227 Unofficial VLC for Android

 There are 3 build variants :
 - ARMv6/ARM11
 - ARMv7a/Cortex-A8/NEON
 - ARMv7a/Cortex-A9
Compatibility list :
 Snapdragon S1 → ARM11
 Snapdragon S2/S3 → Cortex-A8/NEON
 Tegra 2 → Cortex-A9
Hummingbird → Cortex-A9 (Current gen. only)
 Features :
 Gingerbread & ICS support
Hardware acceleration support [Buggy]
 Headset detection
 Almost all media formats *should* be working (DTS/MPEG2/Theora still WIP)

Download Instructions:
 [ARM11] [Latest] :
 [Cortex-A8, NEON] [Latest] :
 [Cortex-A9] [Latest] :

Vignette v2012.02.27 Apk Android

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Add film and camera effects to your photos.

 • 68 effects & 56 frames
 • Retro/vintage styles
 • LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles
 • Polaroid/instant camera styles
 • Cross-process, tilt-shift, photobooth, double exposure and more.
 • Supports the full resolution of your camera (3.1MP, 5MP or 8MP)
 • Flash (if your phone has one) (not working on Dell Streak)
 • Front-facing camera support (on some phones)
 • Self-timer and time-lapse
 • Digital zoom
 • Geotagging

 What's in this version:
 Bugs fixed in this version:
 • In Android 4.0, pressing "back" in a settings screen in portrait orientation causes Vignette to quit
 • "Steady shot" shooting mode never takes a picture
 • "Default camera folder" does not save to the default camera folder on all devices
New features in this version:
 • Backup and restore settings

Download Instructions:


n7player Music Player v1.0.8c Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.2 or up
Overview: Rich Music Experience!
 The best way to play your music on Android.

 N7 Music Player is innovative 3D music player available only on Android. It visualizes your music as a single plane full of album covers. You can zoom in and out using multi-touch to see different views of your music.

 Android 2.3+ is required to use Equalizer & other sound effects.

 Reading sensitive log data permission is required only to provide more information in case of application crash when user decides to send log to developers.

 This is time limited public beta version. N7 Music Player Unlocker will be available on Android Market soon.

 Key features:
 - Innovative, fully multi-touch music albums plane
 - Intuitive music catalog showing: albums, artists, genres etc
 - 5 band graphic equalizer with presets, reverb effects, bass boost and sound virtualization (SRS/Dolby Surround, requires system version 2.3+)
 - Automatic and manual album art download
 - ID3 tags editor
 - Filtered file browser
 - Music widget
 - Lockscreen widget with direct unlock option

 …and many more!

Download Instructions:


Reversi v1.251 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: AI Factory's Reversi brings the classic board game to your Android phone. Reversi sports a clean and intuitive interface, features 10 levels of difficulty, and provides an Undo button if you want to make a different move. Play against the AI or a human opponent.

 A Classic Game of Wits
 AI Factory's Reversi brings the classic board game to your Android phone. Reversi sports a clean and intuitive interface, features 10 levels of difficulty, and provides an Undo button if you want to make a different move. Play against the AI or a human opponent.

 Reversi is played on an 8x8 grid. The game begins with four tokens: two light tokens for the first opponent and two dark tokens for the second opponent. The tokens are placed next to each other at the center of the board.

 Plenty of options
Reverse Psychology
 You must place your token so that two of your tokens are on two sides of your opponent's single token or line of tokens. The tokens between your two tokens are then flipped over to your color. Conversely, your opponent flips your tokens to his color in the same manner.

 The object of the game, of course, is to end up with more tokens by the time game board is filled up. Reversi, much like chess and go, is a duel of cunning strategy and cold logic. The corners and edges of the board are crucial to the game. You should do your best not to give up these positions.

 Full of Options
 This Reversi app comes loaded with options. Choose from two different boards and tokens, and toggle the sound, screen transitions, and legal moves. Get suggestions from the AI on your next move, and keep track of your games against the AI at all 10 levels. Reversi also comes with the full rules.

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