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Basketmania v2.1.3 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview:With three play modes, Basketmania is the most addictive basketball game out there.

  Hold your finger on the ball and slide it to adjust power and direction.
The dots mark the beginning of the trajectory.

• THREE play modes:
 â�ƒ Straight shots

� Time limit
� Training
• Built-in Physics Engine delivers the most realistic basketball experience
• Retina display support
• Online high-scores through Game Center
• Share your results on Facebook and Twitter!

Download Instructions:

Avatar HD v3.3.3 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Go deeper into the spectacular world of James Cameron’s Avatar™ and embark on a journey of redemption and discovery two decades prior to the events in the film. As Cpt. Ryan Lorenz, you’ll transmit your consciousness into the body of an experimental human-Na’vi hybrid, becoming the first avatar. Can you anticipate the powerful transformation about to unfold? Will you use your new powers to save the Na’vi, or will you
work with the humans to destroy their world?


SD Files: (sdcard/Gameloft/Games/Avatar)

Smurfs' Village v1.0.0a Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2 up
Overview: Gargamel found the Smurfs’ village and scattered the Smurfs far and wide. With Papa Smurf's guidance, it’s up to you to build a new village for the Smurfs to call home.

 Based on the original cartoon and comic art, players begin the game with only a single mushroom house and a lone plowed plot of land. From there, things quickly progress, allowing players to build specialized houses, elaborate
gardens with colorful crops, bridges to span running rivers, trodden paths, and more.

- Creativity is your only limit, build a complete Smurfs' village from scratch.
- Play with your favorite Smurfs including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Baby Smurf, Handy Smurf and Jokey Smurf!
- Purchase Smurfberries via in-app purchase to speed up the growth of your crops and village.
- Play mini games like Greedy Smurf’s Baking Game and Papa Smurf’s Potion Mixing Game!
- Connect with friends through Facebook and send gifts to your friends' villages!
- Play offline... manage your village anytime without having to connect to the internet.

Download Instructions:

Eternal Legacy HD v v1.07 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Become part of the great cinematic landscapes in the world of this intense role-playing game - a worthy successor to the affairs of its predecessors on Android.

Mysterious world Algoada
 • A fascinating story, full of adventure and responsibility: you - Astrian, your duty - to save Algoad from destruction and restore the relationship between man and nature.

• Mix of fantasy and science fiction: fight with swords and guns, meet the robots and magicians and fly on our own boat!
• provides enormous space: otrenderennye in 3D, with 360 degrees.

Smooth system of combat
• Dynamic combat: pre ask your attacks that will follow one after another, until it fills the scale of action.
• Epic battles carefully traced in 3D, many animations.
• Up to 3 characters will fight together: assemble a team and define the behavior of their teammates.

Survive your adventure
• Choose your own path, interacting with the environment, objects, people and enemies, or unraveling puzzles to overcome obstacles.
• People who meet on your way, can join you, to open some secret, give any job - voiced dialogues will help you talk to them.
• You may want to perform subtasks, which will help prolong your life and gain experience.
• Customize your character and weapons: you - the master of his fate.

Download links:

SD cache v1.07:



Dungeon Defenders: FW Deluxe v5.36 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Epic Online cooperative Action-RPG meets Tower Defense: join the battle!

 Epic Online Action-RPG meets Tower Defense: join the battle! The definitive Unreal-powered next-gen Android game! Now including PvP!

Added Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Deluxe HD content for Tegra 2 powered devices! The Deluxe HD content includes new Tegra-exclusive missions, enemies, bosses, pets, and weapons --- for the ultimate mobile Dungeon Defenders experience!
Check Phone Compatibility list below, and make sure you have 600 MB of SD Card free space to install the game.

(Now supports 2.1 Eclair! AND Online play over 3G/4G!)

Take on the role of one of four distinct Hero classes, and battle hordes of invading creatures by strategically summoning a variety of Towers & Traps throughout your Castle. Directly partake in the action-packed combat with your hero, while leveling up, gathering tons of loot, customizing & upgrading equipment, and developing your class abilities.

All of this can be played in seamless online GameCenter multiplayer, as you cooperate and compete throughout the Campaign & Challenge Missions to build the strongest heroes and achieve the highest scores in the online kingdom.

Combining the depth of strategic gaming with the satisfying action of RPG character building, in a beautifully stylized 'toon fantasy setting built with Epic Games' Unreal® Engine 3, DD is designed to be an addictive experience for casual and veteran gamers alike!

Note: Please restart your device after installing the game.

Suggested Devices:

All Tegra 2 Based Devices

Nexus S
Samsung Galaxy Tablet
Samsung Galaxy/Captivate based Cell Phones
Samsung Galaxy S
Droid X
Droid 2
T-Mobile G2
myTouch 4G
HTC Desire HD

Minimum Requirements:
512 MB RAM (256 free at runtime)
GPU capable of OpenGL ES 2.0
Android 2.1
800 Mhz CPU or greater recommended
SD card with at least 600 MB free storage

What's in this version:
5.36: Improved memory usage for better stability on Samsung Galaxy S. Improved hack detection to ensure that Heroes with highly-upgraded "Guardian" pets aren't flagged as hackers.
5.3: Added support for the Samsung Galaxy SII!
5.34: All Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and 3.0 (Honeycomb) devices will now utilize OpenSL native sound system, for increased sound performance, fidelity, and stability.

Download Instructions:

War Eagle v1.2.6 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: A good shooting game birds flying in the airspace controlled by the black castle, where a brave courage and strength to use it against the evil forces with a powerful, exciting aerial combat in this intense pull between birds off. Black castle floating in the air inside the presence of a large number of birds, including the BOSS is extremely fierce, the liberation of this piece of the sky if you want to be with the BOSS fight to the death. Come and experience it. .

Rules of the game:
Condor configure a variety of weapons, the player through the use of these weapons to attack the incoming birds, birds are each equipped with their own weapons, mass destruction of birds of different weapons and power will be increased with the level off . When a player down after a certain number of birds in the BOSS Black Castle will be sent out (the player can also directly attack the BOSS Black Castle will lead to, but this operation may lead to a lot of birds out, and the scene will be difficult to control), players will kill BOSS will automatically obtain the weapons it uses, and the screen will be a beautiful mysterious door, as long as you can go flying into the next level.
Weapons in the game has a certain energy, the greater the energy consumption of the power of the more powerful, players can kill the birds get their drop after the blue energy mushroom supplement. Need to add physical strength to get the red mushroom.

This is a cross-screen game, players swing around the phone to adjust the bald eagle's flight direction.
Speed ​​flight through the lower right corner of the dashboard can modify its speed.
Click on the right side of the screen can switch the current weapon to the next weapon.
Click the top left of the map screen you can switch the view mode.
In addition to the screen before clicking anywhere on both the fire.


Frog Volley v0.6.6 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1 up
Overview: Enjoy playing volleyball with this funny frogs Frog Volley is a grab-and-go game that will get you caught into uncountable hours of addictive entertainment, by enjoying loose games against fierce opponents and different grades of difficulty.

With a simple but impressively attractive and meticulous design, this Android exclusive game has been developed by a young,

talented and passionate team of professionals with great enthusiasm and the hope that everybody has a good time with it.
Frog Volley is still in its beta phase, so your collaboration and your opinion will be strongly needed and taken in consideration for many
surprises and updates to come soon.

Download Instructions:


Fruits vs.Birds v1.2 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Once you start it, you will find it is a special game.
There are many beautiful rainbows in the sky.The fruits on the ground arereally wanna to touch them. But the fruits can not fly.
Suddenly they got a great idea,to build a high building with their bodies.
However the process is not smooth .The greedy birds eat the fruits ceaselessly. And you must be careful with the thorn.

- Once you start it, you will find it is a special game.
- 54 levels,guarantees you many long hours of fun
- You can use the lever and the suspension center to buid any building you can imagine.
- 3 different fruit worlds
So what are you waiting for? Let's have fun.

Download Instructions:

Ruffled: Feathers Rising v1.00.00 Full Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Play the game that makes pooping on people socially acceptable, not to mention hilarious!

Experience a story of home and freedom lost, of human encroachment and deforestation through the eyes of one bird who has finally had enough.
Soar through the skies of Splat City, constantly on the hunt for your next victim. Throughout the city's rolling
suburbs, relaxing parks, bustling university campus, the clamor of the city's largest industrial project, and the highrise hustle and bustle of downtown you will enact your birdie rage fueled vengeance in a spectacular array of 3D urban environments.

Download Instructions: 



Relict Racer v1.3.6 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: A new Augmented Reality Game from 3R Studio. This is a remake of old classic game - micromachines.

You can race with classic old cars in various locations with your friends to multiplayer mode. Augmented Reality puts virtual
game world directly into real world in front of you at your desk. The Game allows racing directly on your table,
or wherever you want. You can play alone in single player Practice Mode or you can race with you friends over Bluetooth in
Multiplayer Mode. You can choose between various steering modes, like „go to” or „virtual pad”.
Race in Augmented Reality starting today.

Version 1.3.6 (Full)
developer has revived the game (and do not need cache!)

Download Instructions: 


Doodle Farm v1.1.1.2 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Create your own Farm!

The long awaited sequel from the creators of the Doodle God and Doodle Devil hit games is now available on your Android!
Over 40’000’000 players tried to create and destroy their own world in the last few months!

“Amazing polish, much much better than Alchemy game” - Galvin

“The game provides a unique satisfying sense of discovery whenever you find a new match”, 8/10 -

“Wonderfully unique concept. Deeply satisfying every time you discover a new element.” –

! #1 Game in 50+ countries on iPhone.
! Second prize as Puzzle game of the year 2010, JayIsGames.
! Winner of Samsung Mobile Challenge award.


Doodle Farm brings cute animals to your Android that you can use to breed and create new animals on your Farm.
Do you know how to create a dog or a tiger? Which two animals put together can create a third one as a result?
Does Cat + Dog = Tiger? Or does Duck + Herring = Penguin? And can a penguin fly? You will find these answers and more as you mix and match creatures to build an entire animal kingdom, starting with just four creatures.

The beautiful animals and colorful graphics will blow your socks off and let you enjoy this fantastic world of creatures. Put your cowboy hat on, because this kind of farming isn't for the faint of heart! Now you are in the role of animal creator and you have a chance to create new animals in your own way. Every time you create a new animal you can learn more about that animal by going straight to its Wikipedia page from the game and return when you know everything about it! It’s more than just farming. It’s Doodle Farm.

- Create 135+ different animals!
- Tons of funny quotes, sayings and jokes!
- Simple one-click gameplay makes playing fun and easy!
- Extra Expert Mode for more super-fun play!
- A kid-friendly and educational gameplay!
- Learn more about every animal you create!



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Need for Speed ™ Hot Pursuit v1.0.18 Cracked Android apk game

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit v1.0.18
Requirements: Android 2.3 / Xperia Play
Overview: FEEL THE RUSH OF THE ESCAPE & THE THRILL OF THE TAKEDOWN! Outrun the law in supercars like the Pagani Zonda Cinque – or stop racers cold in high-speed police interceptors like the Lamborghini Reventón. Made to maximize the Retina Display, the eye-popping visual quality will put your senses into overdrive!

Connect, compare, and compete with friends like never before on your iPhone/iPod touch! Autolog features include:
• Speedwall: Compete with friends and compare scores on our Leaderboard!
• Autolog Recommends: Alerts you to where your friends are racing. Challenge them!
• Autolog Friends List: Stay connected with your fellow racers. CAN THEY KEEP UP?

Experience pulse-pounding action as you make the escape – or make the bust! As the Cop, lay down the law with roadblocks and spike strips – or fry the Racer’s electrical system with an EMP lock! As the Racer, make the getaway with overdrive, jamming, and oil slicks! Either way you go, you’ll be ready to duel it out on the road.

Operate high-performance police interceptors or feel the awesome energy of burning up the highway in totally tricked-out supercars. Use nitro and hand brakes. Pull off 180° spins. Grind, nudge, evade, and drift! Accomplish extreme maneuvers and score bounty points!

Pick up and play and get rolling in seconds, or take it to the limit in up to 24 Cop or Racer Career Events. Collect bounty and progress to the top of the ranks.

Take on a friend and pursue…or be pursued! Play out the ultimate cat-and-mouse road race through local WiFi or Bluetooth.

Download Instructions: 




SD Files:Put to SDcard/Android/data 

Cracked by nops working VERSION XPERIA PLAY :  
Cracked by nops working VERSION for all phone with Adreno :
ARMv6 :

SD files:

Put to SDcard/Android/data

version for all phones with Adreno GPU:


Gameloft HD Games (Samsung GT-i9101 Galaxy S II) Android apk game

Requirements: Samsung GT-i9101 Galaxy S II
Operating System: Android 2.1 or greater
Overview: 2 games so far for Samsung GT-i9101 Galaxy S II

Release info:
Retails, TnB's and cracks supplied by Twingo

Game info:
Brother in Arms 2 Global Fron v1.0.2 *Updated @ 20-08-2011*
Hero of Sparta HD v1.0.3 *Updated @ 18-08-2011*
Modern Combat 2 Black Pegagus v1.0.2
SpiderMan Total Mayhem HD v1.0.1

Download Links/Instructions: Install apk file and use wifi/3g/4g to download the remaining data files and to verify it at first run.
SpiderMan Total Mayhem HD v1.0.1: 

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegagus v1.0.2:

Brother in Arms 2 Global Front v1.0.0:

Hero of Sparta HD v1.0.3:

Brother in Arms 2 Global Front v1.0.2:

SPB Time v3.5.3 Build 465 Android apk app

Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: SPB Time is an advanced, skinnable time toolbox for your Android phone. Analog and digital clock modes, World clock, timers and stopwatches, and advanced alarms. A lot of time-related functions in this world's bestselling application!


- Analog and Digital clocks
- Classic, Bio and Paranoid alarms
- 6 Homescreen widgets
- World time
- Moon phases
- Stopwatches
- Timers
- 30+ FREE themes
- Online skin catalog

What's in this version:
Fixed bug with widgets on Android 2.1
Fix for displaying next alarm widget after Shell 3D restart
Time database updated
Fixed problem with classic and bio alarms
Other bugfixes

Download Instructions:


VLC Direct Pro v6.2 Android apk app

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 +
Overview: No more file transfers! Stream and play Music and Videos anywhere you want!

Easy and Powerful Media Client and Server Application.
No Ads! No playback Limits!

This is the only application of the entire market that can stream videos and music in both ways:
* From Computer to Android
* From Android to Computer

With this application you can play music and videos in your computer's VLC or in your Android device. You don't have to worry where your files are stored -they can be in your android or in your computer-, VLC Direct Pro will take care of streaming when necessary.

* VLC remote control features: browse files, play, enqueue, pause, stop, volume, fullscreen, playlist and more.


* Only for advanced users: If you want to use VLC Direct Pro through remote networks these are the ports you will have to map in the routers:
* 8080 (VLC Web Interface)
* 4444 (Streaming from Android to VLC)
* 5554 (Streaming from VLC to Android)

What's in this version:
New Feature: IMAGE Streaming Supported!!!
Performance improvements
Bug fixes
Market filtering fix

Download Instructions:


Pure Grid calendar widget v2.1.0 Apk app

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 +
Overview: The best widget to keep you organize !

Google calendar informations in widget
- Synced with Google calendars
- Support Google, TouchDown, Moto Corp calendars
- Timelines with MONTH and WEEK view
- Can add bi-weekly / bi-monthly events (or more complex)
- Skinnable to make a fancy widget
- Scrollable widgets with most alternative launchers like ADW, Zeam Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro

What's in this version:
FIX daily viewer text color usage
FIX QHd layout with week view and scrollable mode

Download Instructions:


dxTop Pro: Home Alternative v3.1.6 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Looking for a little more oomph from your Android home interface? Step up to dxTop Pro: Home Alternative and enjoy a powerful, sleek replacement for your phone's stock user interface. A flexible navigation system allows you to quickly access your most critical functions, and extensive theme support makes it easy to personalize. You can organize your apps into folders, manage running apps with a convenient systems tab, and choose from a number of different view options.

Product Features
Add a slick alternative home interface to your phone
Scroll through 5 screens in a diamond array
Monitor and manage apps with the system tab
 Organize apps with categories

Launch core functions quickly with the dial bar

DxTop Pro: Home Alternative gives you five different ways to display your full application list.

Alphabetical view
Category view
Latest install date view
Largest size view
Hidden applications view
Visual features
It's easy to change the look and feel of your phone with dxTop Pro: Home Alternative. Download and select wallpapers, themes, icons, and fonts, and choose font and dock colors. Compatibility with aHome and 3rd party Open Home themes and BetterAndroid icon packs makes it easy to give your phone a quick makeover.

Safety and Security
DxTop pro keeps your data secure by integrating with MyBackupPro. Use MyBackupPro to safely back up your UI settings, and restore to previous settings if desired. DxTop Pro also lets you hide apps that you don't want to be visible, giving you an extra measure of privacy.


Ripple Lock v2.4 Android apk app

Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: Is still envy of the brilliant lock screen of Android 3.0? Now, as long as your phone is Android system, you will be able to experience the beauty of the lock screen. Only use one button, you can choose to use this ripple lock screen or system default screen.

Drag the inside circle to the outside circle can unlock screen.

What's in this version:
1. If user had disabled "use call button" setting item, will not pop lock screen during ringing call.
2. Adjust settings page layout, add "Display time", "Display date", "Display charge/alarm information" setting item.
3. Add "Enable widget click" setting item. If you do not wish widget response click event, disable this setting item.
4. Fixed FC problem.
5. Note: After remove limit of setting, will generate a file named "ripplelock.key" in SD card, please do not delete this file.

Download Instructions:


The Bro Code v1.02 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 1.6+

★★★★★ "Settled many arguments amongst friends! Recommended." Gilhooligan

★★★★★ "Every man should have this app. This app is so funny and interesting. " Pman666

Whether we know it or not, each of us lives a life governed by an internalized code of conduct. Some call it morality. Others call it a religion. I call it “the Bro Code.”

 For centuries men have attempted to follow this code with no universal understanding of what such an arrangement meant: Is it okay to hug a Bro? If I’m invited to a Bro’s wedding, do I really have to bring a gift? Can I sleep with a Bro’s sister or mother or both?

Use this app to be even more awesome than you thought possible. If you're lucky, you'll almost get close to being as awesome as me. Not AS awesome, you understand, but close.

New Version Improvements:
★ Flick left and right through articles like a book.
★ 190 Articles.


Pure news widget (scrollable) v1.1.2 Apk app

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: Great widget to view all your Google Reader news feeds

Pure news widget is a scrollable widget for Google Reader news reading (Rss).

This is a scrollable widget which REQUIRE ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, LiveHome, Go Launcher Ex or an Android 3.0 device like Xoom. If you don't use a Launcher supporting scrollable widgets, it won't work.

- Connected to Google reader to retrieve your prefered news
- Scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, Zeam Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro
- Show news thumbnails
- Multiples skins and widgets sizes to make a fancy widget
- Lot of options to customize rendering

- Can use Google Mobilizer to reduce used bandwidth when reading full article
- full Android 3.0 / HoneyComb / Xoom support !!! with scrolling !
- Can mark as read in Google reader
- Optional local cache of articles

What's in this version:
FIX login issue with Android 2.1
FIX invalid feed category listing
FIX feed automatic removal from feeds list
NEW action menu on right story part (if you enable it on the config panel)
NEW can share a story (via email, Twitter, FB, SMS ...)
NEW can star a story
NEW add old login style in case of trouble with credential login (use menu key in the config panel)

Download Instructions:


Equalizer (Unlocked) v2.2.0 Android apk app

Requirements: for Android version 2.3
Overview: Equalizer app and widget to control your sound effect levels on your phone.
Improve your phone/tablet's sound quality with the first true Equalizer app and home-screen widget!

 Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of
your Music or Audio coming out of your phone. Apply Equalizer Presets based on Music Genre, or quickly create your own custom preset with the 5 band Equalizer controller. Additional Audio Effects supported include: Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Reverb Presets.

* Requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Custom ROMs may not work due to issues with the ROM. Keep in mind custom gingerbread ROMs are infant, and give the ROM developers some time to integrate in the new APIs. If your ROM works please post so that others know. If you have issues, please contact us and let us know what ROM you are using.


★ 11 Stock Presets
★ Preset auto-detection (See list of supported players below)
★ 5 Band-level Equalizer Controller
★ Audio sampler to test your Equalizer settings
★ Bass Booster
★ Virtualizer
★ Reverb Presets
★ Integrates with stock Android Music player
★ Works with streaming music like Pandora, Spotify, etc.
★ Power Mode options to enable/disable effects
★ Beautiful 4x1 Equalizer widget for your home-screen
★ Notification shortcut available for quick access
★ No root required

Full features include: (Requires purchasing Unlock key)

★ Save Custom Presets
★ Delete, Edit, Rename Presets
★ Create Home-screen shortcut for Presets
★ Backup and Restore Presets from SD card

Stock presets include:
★ Normal
★ Classical
★ Dance
★ Flat
★ Folk
★ Heavy Metal
★ Hip Hop
★ Jazz
★ Pop
★ Rock
★ Latin (New)

The preset auto-detection feature does not work with all third-party music players; however, we will keep adding support to new players based on popular demand. The list of known supported Music players includes:

* Android Music Player
* HTC Music Player
* Samsung Music Player
* Winamp
* PlayerPro
* RealPlayer
* myTouch 4G Music Player
* Meridian Player
* RockOn
* doubleTwist Player
* ³ (cubed)
* PowerAMP
* Zimly
* bTunes
* Vanilla Music Player
* Rhapsody Player
* MixZing
* Just Playlists
* Archos Music Player
* More to come...

Note: Please make sure to read the "Helpful tips" when you first install the application.

Known Issues:
* CM7 - All CM7 issues have been resolved, make sure you are running CM 7.0.2 or later. Early versions may still give you issues.
* Buglessbeast - This firmware mod does not seem to have proper support for the new Equalizer APIs at this time
* Sony Xperia Arc Media Player - Sony's Media Player force closes. This is a bug in Sony's app, we tried to workaround it but cannot. We contacted the developers about the issue. Until it is resolved we recommend you use a different media player.
* Amazon MP3 - Amazon's MP3 player force closes when you play a song. Amazon has the same bug in their app as the Sony app. We contacted the developers about the issue. Until it is resolved we recommend you use a different media player.
* HTC Desire HD / HTC EVO - People have reported intermittent issues with the stock gingerbread firmware on this device. Users who have replaced their firmware with the CyanogenMod ROM no longer have issues. We have worked around the issues to make it more robust. Force closes should be gone, background service still gets killed every now and then though, but it should start back up cleanly now.

Recent changes:
- Localized to French, German and Swedish

This version is patched, active Equalizer with its full functionality. Added functionality that is not part of the free version:
★ Save Custom Presets
★ Delete, Edit, Rename Presets
★ Create Home-screen shortcut for Presets
★ Backup and Restore Presets from SD card

What's in this version:
Improves sound skipping and stuttering issues. Requires enabling Notification shortcut through Settings -> Notification shortcut. This allows background service to run as a higher priority service, so it does not get killed by the system as often.
Small UI bug fixes for Tablet

Download Instructions:


Touch Calendar v1.0.13 Android apk app

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 - 2.3
Overview: Touch Calendar makes viewing your calendar as easy as using Google Maps!

This is the full version including widgets to show your calendar directly on your phone's home screen.

Also features calendar search and custom repeating events (e.g. biweekly, bimonthly).

Touch Calendar is easy to use:
- double-tap or pinch-zoom to zoom in
- tap an event to see its details, then press MENU to edit or delete it
- tap-and-hold on a date to add a new event
- touch to scroll the calendar as much as you want, both forwards and backwards
- jump to today, or to any date from the menu
 - calendar search by pressing your phone’s search button or from the menu

- set the font size and default zoom level from the Settings
- widgets so you can see your calendar on the home screen; tap-and-hold on your home screen to add one

Zoom and scroll your calendar with complete freedom!

Note: Text colour for events comes from the calendar colour. Set up different colours for events in Google Calendar and they'll appear in Touch Calendar automatically.

What's in this version:
Visual update: new cleaner look
Dark theme added
Widget is now larger
Much faster startup
Fix for all-day event bubble sometimes not displaying properly
Zoom buttons now off by default (can be turned back on in settings)

Download Instructions:


Simplyapplied Sign FULL 2.3.6 Android apk app

Sign is a unique, gesture-based speed dial application. Quickly and easily call or text the people you contact most often directly from the home screen with a simple swipe of your finger.


*Faster opening speed

*Optional background service for optimum speed/performance

*Open/use Sign even when other apps are open(requires background service to be active)

*Improved graphics

*Fixed contact database issues on some phones


 *Enhanced Gesture Recognition System prevents accidental calls/misdials

*Draw “Signs” directly onto your home screen

*FAST - call/text any contact in seconds

*Call without looking at the screen

*Create unique gesture for any contact

*Multi-stroke gestures

*Unlimited speed dial storage (full version only)

*Advanced misdial prevention including:

•Fully Adjustable call confirmation (OFF or up to 4 seconds)

•Contact confirmation feature

•Auto-close feature

•Single-tap call prevention

•Vibration feedback for successful/failed recognition

*No call log after call ends

*Simple and fast set up – 15 seconds or less

*Updated graphics

Launcher 7 Donate v1. Android apk app

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: A Windows Phone 7 style launcher for Android.

Unlike other current WP7 launchers (Windows Phone Android, Metro UI), this one allows you to properly modify your start screen. Just long press on a tile and drag tile where you want!

- Ad-free
- 1x1, 2x1 and 1x2 tiles.
- tile bitmaps can cover the whole tile
- widgets on tiles
- tile reordering
- live contacts tile

- configurable animation parameters (soon)
- clock tile of sorts
 - more animated tiles

- facebook integration

Download Instructions:

TerraTime v2.5.5 Android apk app

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 +
Overview: The amazing, interactive, real-time virtual Earth! Globe and map use current satellite imagery to simulate day/night, clouds, seasons, sun & moon; clock shows rise, set, twilight, & transit times for sun & moon. Everything you need to stay connected to the world you live in.

· Real-time simulations include clouds, city lights, sea ice, and more, generated from actual satellite imagery
· Clock and compass also show sunrise & sunset; moon phase, rise & set; twilight & transit times
· Globe and map are fully interactive, using touchscreen or phone sensors
· Easily show any date, any location
· Clock and globe widgets, in 4 sizes each
· Live wallpapers for ALL Android devices!

Please, if you have any issues, EMAIL me! It's not possible to respond to comments here.

Recent changes:
Numerous accumulated bug fixes.

Download Instructions:


Camera360 Ultimate v2.5.2 Android apk app

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 - 2.3
Overview: Turn your phone into professional camera. Provides LOMO, HDR, axis shift, draft, ghost, etc. and multiple styles.

#Top 1% apps
 #Powerful photo apps

1.For 480.etc high - resolution mobile phones optimized display interface is more delicate.
2.The application will turn "save image" on default.
3.The app runs against to sleep when the program runs.
4.On the part of the interface has been fine-tuned.

What's in this version:
Camera360 Ultimate 2.5.2 Change Log:
No.1 Fix bug: Some phone can not connect to camera.
No.2 Remove the motion effect of flash UI. ( To keep the application work fluently.)

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Mizuu Movies v1.6.1 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Overview: Love watching movies? You'll love using Mizuu Movies.

Managing your movies has never been easier. Mizuu Movies keeps track of all your favourite movies on your Android Honeycomb tablet (similar to Boxee or XMBC on the PC). Movies are automatically recognized and identified using TMDb with title, plot, cover art and more.

All the movie information is kept in a local database on your tablet. This is perfect for travelling because you don't need access to the Internet. You can your entire movie collection with you everywhere.
It's simply entertainment at your fingertips. The easy-to-use and immersive graphical interface will let you browse, select and play your movies. Mizuu Movies is developed exclusively for tablets.

THIS APP IS NOT MADE TO MANAGE HUNDREDS OF FILES! It's made for tablets and for managing local files. It does however support a lot more than that, but if something unexpected happens, you're on your own.

The app is intelligent and will figure out most names, but it doesn't do magic.

• Actor information
• Favourites
• Manual overrides
• Multiple views (horizontal scroll / grid)
• Reviews
• Search
• Sharing
• Support for movie.nfo/movie.jpg
• Trailers
• Themes
• User settings

• Danish, English

• .3gp, .aaf, .avi, .divx, .f4v, .flv, .m4v, .mkv, .moi, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .mts, .ogv, .rm, .rmvb, .ts, .webm, .wmv, .xvid

* Please note that some file formats are not natively supported by Android, and that you are required to use a third party video player to view these.


ROM Manager Premium v4.4.0.3 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 1.0 and up
Overview: Must have app for any root user. Make backups, flash ROMs, and own your device.
ROM Manager is THE MUST HAVE APP for any Android root user. (Over 3 million downloads and counting!)

* Flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockworkMod recovery.
* Manage your ROMs via a handy UI.
* Organize and perform backups and restores from within Android!
* Install ROMs from your SD card.
* Install your favorite ROMs over the air!

Premium Version:
* Premium ROMs
* Receive notifications for when your ROM is updated!
 * Automatic backups

* Install from QR Code
* Web Connect
* Support

What's in this version: Fix queueing zip bug for zips in subdirectories. Premium users can now queue up additional zips for installation after a download. (Enable Advanced Mode)

Supplied by -=Android=-
If your ROM came with ROM Manager you'll have to remove it before installing this.

Download Instructions:


ezPDF Reader v1.4.2.1 Android apk app

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 - 2.3
Overview: Multimedia PDF Reader plays video & audio from PDF - Read, Listen and Watch! PDF Viewer - ezPDF Reader - Most Featured and Best Rated (4.60 out of 5.00) Multimedia PDF Viewer (2.1 or up)

 - Annotation feature added - Sticky Note (or memo), Activate with a long
click on any place in PDF, It could be on text, image, or background. In order to edit, delete or change properties (name of the memo, author, color or even note icon), just tap the memo icon.
- Annotation Features - Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough, and Commenting on annotation. Able to change marking color. --

> More features to come later.
* More annotation features to come later.

* Annotation features are compatible with Adobe Reader (PC version)

- Read text based PDF file (using built-in Text-to-Speech function (TTS)), Comptible with SVOX
- Play Embedded Video & Audio (Android supported format)
- Text View with reflow function. Option for Night / Day Mode, Able to change font size and color (text and background)
- Thumbnail image view
- Search (Options for case sensitive, whole word or part, exact word, and/or operator)
- Auto Fit Zoom for multi-column article or removing white margin
- Scroll lock / unlock
- Able to select text in PDF, save to clipboard, web search, share with other apps
- Support hyperlinks (Go to page within the PDF, URL links to webpage)
- Open Password-protected PDF (Different from DRM applied PDF file)
- Intuitive bookmarking & viewing bookmarks
- Table of Contents
- Zoom in & out
- Page navigation with thumbnail scroll images
- Jump to a specific page
- Able to change reading direction - Good for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Hebrew documents
- Support Trackball
- FREE PDF Conversion Program for PC (link to download)

What's in this version:
Above Froyo(2.2) Only : New Function to Export or Import Annotations. [More-Import Annotations],[More-Export Annotations]
More Link Action support. Rich media execute action and Named action
Physical Key support for page navigation, KEYCODE_PAGE_UP and KEYCODE_PAGE_DOWN
Bugfix, about Copy and Paste in Annotation contents view

Download Instructions:


Adobe® Reader® v10.0.2 Android apk app

Compatiblity: Android 2.1 and up

The global standard for accurately and reliably interacting with PDF Documents

Adobe Reader provides high quality, fast PDF viewing and interaction for your Android smartphones and tablets. Select Adobe Reader as the application of choice when opening a PDF file and you will be able to view and navigate the PDF quickly and intuitively.

Key features of Adobe Reader are:

PDF Viewing
• High quality & fast PDF viewing on a small screen enables you to view PDF files as they are
 • View PDF Portfolios and Password-protected PDF files

Enhanced Experience for Small Screens
• Text reflow mode to adjust document content to fit screen size
• Choice of viewing modes (Single Page or Continuous Scroll) for convenient viewing depending on document type and screen size

• Touch-based gestures for efficient navigation and zoom in the PDF
• Text search function to find and jump to specific text in the PDF file
• Page navigator interface for fast navigation within large files
• Hot-spots in the left and right parts of the screen to go to previous or next page

Organize, Share and Manage
• Built-in file manager provides quick access to all PDF files on the device organized by location as well as recently viewed files
• Share function enables sending PDF files via other applications, including sending as email attachments with one touch
• Adobe Reader application can be moved to the SD Card – this feature is supported on devices with Android v 2.2 and higher

Available Languages
• English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Polish & Turkish

Adobe Reader is a must have application for your Android device, providing fast and high quality PDF document consumption.

NEW! –Access Adobe CreatePDF on Android Market from the menu in Adobe Reader. Adobe CreatePDF lets you create high-quality PDF files on your Android device from Microsoft Office documents, images etc. and share them easily with others.

In this update, Permissions to access email attachments from default email client or Gmail are removed. These permissions were added in the previous release as a workaround due to an apparent change in Android v 2.3 which prevents Adobe Reader from seamlessly opening PDF attachments unless the apps had these permissions. Adobe takes privacy very seriously, and these permission requests were removed to address potential privacy concerns. As a result of access permissions requirements being removed, some users on devices with Android v2.3 and above may experience usability issues in certain cases, such as having to select PDF attachments twice in order to open in Adobe Reader. Adobe is actively working with Google to investigate this issue.

By clicking "Install" I agree to the License Agreement terms at

What's in this version:
• Support for devices with Android v 3.0 (Honeycomb)
• Permissions to access email attachments from default email client or Gmail are removed. These permissions were previously added as a workaround due to an apparent change in Android v 2.3 & above.
• New menu item to access Adobe CreatePDF on Android Market
For more information, please refer to the Release Notes at

Remote VNC Pro v2.0 Android apk app

Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: The only client which supports full pc keyboard and mouse!

VNC(not RDP) client to control you computer from anywhere.
share same smart UI with Remote RDP(another app).
connect to any Winows, Linux, Macs with VNC server installed.

Turn off Clipboard support if you have update or input issues on Mac OS.
Turn off Request cursor updates if you have cursor related issue.

See for more info

Recent changes:

1. Map Back key to Esc on PC keyboard.
2. Disable long press on PC mouse.
3. Fixed a NullPointer error.
4. Page UP/DOW key support.
5. Added Japanese translation.
6. UltraVNC MS Logon support(Experimental).

Download Instructions:


SiMi Folder Pro (Donate) v2.2 Android apk app

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 - 2.3
Overview: SiMi Folder Pro is a customizable Folder Widget with a horizontal/vertical scrollable Launcher. (based on the Launcher from SiMi Clock)

* Size 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 2x1, 2x2 and 3x1
* 9 different Widget Layouts
* User defined Folder Icons
* User defined Text Color and Size
* Unlimited number of Apps can be linked to a Folder
* Unlimited number of Contacts can be linked to a Folder
* Unlimited number of Bookmarks can be linked to a Folder
* Unlimited number of Shortcuts can be linked to a Folder
* Unlimited number of Folders can be linked to a Folder
* User defined Background color.

How to
Step 1: Add a new Folder
Step 2: Select the new Folder
Step 3: Link Apps to the Folder ( Button Applications )
Step 4: Add a SiMi Folder Widget to your Homescreen
Step 5: Select the Folder you want to use.
-> Done

What's in this version:
Version 2.2 Free and Pro
Better handling of deleted Apps
Bugfix deleted apps
Trillions of Bugfixes

Download Instructions:


Droid DJ v6.41 Android apk app

Requirements: android 1.6
Overview: Full pitch enabled, cross fading, twin mixing visual decks, with MP3 support..
Full pitch enabled, cross fading, twin mixing visual decks.

Full pitch enabled, cross fading, twin mixing visual decks, with MP3 support..Full pitch enabled, cross fading, twin mixing visual decks.
-- Twin decks with pitch
-- Visual Mixer
-- Auto Pitch Set, BPM counter
-- Compatible with Radio RIP!
-- Much more..
Droid DJ comes with 4 different skins! Try out different skins, especially for large performance benefits. For the most responsive and fastest GUI choose the lowest RES.Trade beauty for speed and power..

** IF you experience 'sporadic crashing' it is almost ALWAYS due to a memory error. Use a Low-Res(faster) skin and this will fix it!!
Once Started press MENU for options..

What's in this version:
6.4 :
Many little memory bugs fixed.
Should 'random' crash on some phones less..


FlightTrack Pro v4.1.2 Android apk app

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: The best flight tracking app out there! Track flights with beautiful, zoomable maps or get real-time departure info, delays and gate numbers at a glance. Full international coverage means you can track all your flights worldwide. We’ll even update you on cancellations and help you find an alternate flight.

• Real-time status for gates, delays and cancellations
• Covers more than 4,000 airports worldwide
• Full international flight coverage with 1,400 airlines
• Find alternate flights at a tap

• Home screen widget lets you track flights when app isn’t open
• Detailed flight delay forecasts to help you predict travel disruptions
• Share flight status by email, Facebook, Twitter or any other messaging application on your phone
• View your seat in SeatGuru’s airplane seating maps
• Add flight notes for seat numbers, confirmation numbers and

• Zoomable, live flight tracker maps with satellite and weather radar imagery
• Review weather radar and forecasts
• Airtime, aircraft, and speed & altitude (US)

What's in this version:
4.1.2 • New: Optimized for high resolution displays.
• Fixed! Flight sharing between FlightBoard and FlightTrack for Android tablets.
• Fixed! Missing keyboard for search by flight number on certain Android tablets.
Thanks so much for your support!

NOTE: You must install both of two file.

Download Instructions:


WiFi File Explorer PRO v1.4.0 Android apk app

Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Browse, download, upload, delete, copy, ZIP, stream and manage files via WiFi!!

Featured on Life Hacker! Best and cheapest!
 Browse, transfer, download, upload, delete, copy, rename, stream and manage files that are on your Android device, using a web browser via a WiFi connection.

No more taking your phone apart to get the SD card out or grabbing your cable to access your camera pics or copy across your fave MP3s.
1. Using a web browser, you can browse, download and manage all the files on your Android device without the need for a cable;
2. Multiple batch file uploads and downloads to save you time when transferring many files at once;
3. Download entire directories on your Android device with just one simple click – for example, backup all your photos just by downloading the Camera directory;
4. Select all the directories on your Android device and do a multiple download to backup your entire SD card!
5. Download a streaming media playlist to allow you to quickly flick through and stream all the stored media files in a directory;
6. Create brand new directories and delete/rename/copy/zip/unzip files - the perfect file manager;
7. Have any application files stored on your Android device? WiFi File Explorer is also an installer, so automatically install them with just once click in the web browser;
8. Stream individual music and video files from your Android device straight to a web browser;
9. View all the camera pictures and videos on your Android device directly in a web browser;
10. Simple to use with no set up or buttons – it just works!
11. Password protected;
12. Ability to configure the port settings;
13. Full support for special characters;
14. Send an email to the web link from the app for easy connection;
15. LOTS more features in development;

What's in this version:
New web UI layout
Thumbnails view
Search mode
Logout option
Persisting view after an action
Faster load times
ZIP files now compatible with Winzip and 7zip
Exit reminider
Battery bar
WiFi Singnal Strength bar
Internal and external storage bars
Link to more apps by dooblou
Prevent missing images in IE9
Fix invalid HTML
Bug fixes
Hidden Development Goodies section in settings (tap title in app 3 times to unlock)

Download Instructions:


TouchPal v4.8 Beta2 20110829 Multilingual Android apk app

Requirements:Android 2.2+
Overview: The Swype Killer.

1) Predictive Sliding
 One of TouchPal's key differentiation from Swype is its predictive sliding technology (patent pending). When you slide over letters, you can pause any time and TouchPal may predict words. It's specially useful for long words

2) Blind Typing/Sliding
With a super mistyping correction engine, TouchPal allows you to type/slide without looking at the keyboard. Don't worry about the mistakes because they can be corrected automatically.

3) Smart Prediction
TouchPal's prediction engine is based on language models and machine learning. And it also learns from you input pattern to improve prediction. You only need to type a very few letters and TouchPal can predict the right word.

2. The beta version is free and will NOT expire. But we encourage you to upgrade to official version once it's released.
3. The beta may be buggy or malfunctioning. It's provided AS IT IS and we won't be reponsible for any damage, if any. Participate the beta test at your own risk.
4. TouchPal Keyboard will NOT collect any private information that you typed. The warning message from Google is for ANY third-party input method. We guarantee that your privacy is well protected.


1. Support slide-down symbols when enabling Curve.
Show up commonly used punctuations in last row.
2. Support “Touch to reselect” feature. The user could
Curve all the words and goes back to reselect
candidates by “simple click and press” or “double
click” .
3 . Upgrade symbol view to full QWERTY.
4 . Improve the precision of Curve recognition.
5 . Support smart spacing. Now we add space after
each word candidate.
6. Allow to install TouchPal main program to SD card.
7 . Support 10+ languages.


PhoneLocator Pro v3.3.1 Android apk app

Requirements: android 2.0+
Overview: Complete control over your lost or stolen droid !

Find your lost or stolen phone, auto enable GPS(rooted phones), make it ring, remotely lock, remotely

wipe, hide the app, know with whom the thief is speaking!

*KEYWORDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE: if you choose the locate word to be "locate", sending "Locate" will not

 work, cause the first letter is in uppercase!*

*If you have the application GoSms installed, please read this:
*To uninstall this app, you will have to disable Admin (in Security) - then uninstall

PhoneLocator is an Android tracking and monitoring app that allows users to locate and retrieve your

lost or stolen devices.

Unlike other tracking apps, PhoneLocator is primary focused on security. Here is what makes our app

different from the rest:

100% protection against unauthorized disable/uninstall (Android 2.2 and higher)
Encrypted private data.
It cannot be disabled or uninstalled by unauthorized persons

- No data connection required for full operation
Unlike other apps, PhoneLocator is not relying on device’s data connection for operation, therefore

you can safely track and exchange messages with your device, even if the data connection has been

switched off if stolen.

- Hide PhoneLocator from app drawer
While many of us like to think that a phone thief would get caught because of the tracking app, most

of the time the thieves are smart enough to look for and remove these apps. With PhoneLocator you

have the option to hide the app from the drawer so nobody will be aware that your device is


- Stealth mode
PhoneLocator operates in stealth mode and hides all the SMS messages sent and received when you

remotely control the application. It will also take a photo of the thief when a wrong password is

inserted (on phone locked).

- Auto-Enable GPS
Another stand-out feature, if you have a rooted device, PhoneLocator to auto-enables GPS.

- Take a photo
automatically the application will take a photo with the front or back camera, when the phone is

locked, and a wrong password is entered (only from Android 2.2 and higher).
You can also ask the application to take a photo by sending your picture keyword, to your phone, in a

text message. (any version of Android)
To take photos with the front facing camera requires Android 2.3 or higher.
If the version of your Android device is smaller than 2.3, the back camera will be used.

- Unregistered SIM card detection
PhoneLocator will send full info(phone no., operator, IMSI & IMEI) of any unregistered SIM card

inserted in your device, and will start sending you the calls made or received from your phone.

- No battery drain
PhoneLocator will not drain any battery power if the app is enabled on your Android device. Battery

use occurs only when PhoneLocator is asked for positions.

- Price is a low one-time fee
No recurring or monthly fees, all you have to pay for the complete package is a one time fee of €1.99

or approx. $2.84.

* Remotely lock your device *
* Lock device if an unregistered SIM is detected *
* Lock device when display goes to sleep *
* Remotely wipe the device *
* Get notified about the phone numbers that the thief is calling or receiving + the phone position on

the time of call
* Know who is calling you - if you forgot your phone at home
* Find your nearby phone left on silent or vibrate mode by making it ring at maximum volume
* Protect the ring nearby feature, with password
* The ring nearby cannot be silenced with the volume keys
* Receive email&sms alerts for all the above
We do upgrade often and add new functions on a regular basis.

* features available only on Android 2.2 and forward !


Neutron Music Player v1.31.3 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Professional audio quality and unique UI!

Neutron features own professional HD 32-bit audio rendering core which helps to deliver best possible sound quality from your Android device to the external speakers, or headphones.

Neutron has sophisticated UI which provides advanced controls for music playback. It is NOT EASY and NOT ANOTHER POP music player, it is developed for audiophiles and those who understand what is music quality. Recommended for use with Hi-Fi/High-End audio hardware.

Hope you'll like Neutron! and have fun with it!


* 32-bit audio decoding/processing for high quality HD audio.
* Audio formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG (Vorbis), FLAC, WMA, AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, ALAC, APE (Monkey's Audio), WV (WavPack), MPC (MusePack), WAV, AU, AIFF, MPG/MPEG (audio only), AVI (audio only), iTunes/Windows Media inclusive except DRM-protected.
* Modular audio formats: MOD, IM, XM, S3M.
* Voice audio format: SPEEX.
* Surround sound DSP (using Ambiophonic R.A.C.E. technology).
* Crossfeed DSP (for better stereo music listening experience with headphones).
* Rumble Filter DSP (to protect speakers from overloading with frequencies below 20 Hz).
* True gapless playback (audio sample accurate).
* HQ Resampling with 3 modes: fast, quality, audiophile.
* Dithering (to improve audio quality by eliminating quantization in signal).
* Crossfading (including manual track switching in playlist).
* Shuffle playback.
* Looped playback (playlist songs, or individual track).
* Replay Gain.
* CUE Sheet support.
* HQ 4-band parametric equalizer.
* Real-time 47-band spectrum analyzer.
* Real-time RMS bar.
* Master and Preamp digital volume adjustment.
* Landscape and Portrait UI modes.
* Minimalistic widget: Neutron Mini.
* Task bar notifications of current status.
* Movable to external SD Card.
* Playlist: sorting (source, album, artist, genre), shuffling (including looped shuffling), looping, multiple instances.
* Unicode tags.
* Night UI mode with colorful audio visualization.
* Album art (supported image formats: PNG, JPG).
* Album art visual effect based on currently playing music.
* Clock mode.
* Sleep timer: 15,30,45,60,90 minutes.
* Wake timer.
* Automatic key-lock with colorful audio visualization.
* Fully customizable.
* Smart CPU/Battery consumption.


- 1GHz+ CPU (single, or multi-core).
- 480x800 screen resolution, or higher.

What's in this version:
- Fixed playlist UI.

Download Instructions:

Viber : Free Calls & Messages v2.0.3.111836 Android apk app

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Viber is an Android* and iPhone application that lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages to other users that have Viber installed.

Viber is an Android* and iPhone application that lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages to other users that have Viber installed. When you use Viber, your phone calls to any other Viber user are free, and the sound quality is much better than a regular call. You can call any Viber user, anywhere in the world, for free and now also text them. All Viber features are 100% FREE and do not require any additional “in application” purchase.
Read our privacy policy here:

************************************************** ****
************************************************** ****

* COMPLETELY FREE AND WITH NO ADS: Viber and all Viber features are absolutely free and do not require any additional “in application” purchase. Once you and your friends install the free Viber application, you can use it to talk and also text as much as you want. Just makes sure all your friends get Viber! All you need is an Internet connection: 3G or Wi-Fi where available. On top of that, Viber doesn’t contain any annoying ads.
* NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: It doesn’t matter where you or your friends are, be it on the same network or in a totally different country. You can talk for as much as you want, for free. Just make sure your friends have Viber too.

* NO USERNAMES, PASSWORDS OR REGISTRATION: You know your friend’s phone number, so why bother with yet another username and password? Viber uses your phone number as your “identity” and lets you make free Viber phone calls to any of your friends that have Viber – using THEIR phone number.

* NO NEED TO ADD BUDDIES: Unlike applications like Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Fring where you need to “add buddies” and have them approve you, Viber behaves just like a phone. Just like you don't need to “add” someone in order to call them, you don't need to add your friends in order to call them on Viber. If you know their phone number, then you know their Viber number, and you’re ready to go!
* DON’T KILL YOUR VIBER: To make sure you always get incoming calls/messages notifications, we strongly recommend you to keep Viber running in the background. This doesn't drain your battery or use up memory and improves your Viber experience.

* SOUND QUALITY: Viber uses state of the art technology in order to make sure the sound quality you get is much better than GSM or a regular phone call.

* MUCH MORE COMING: We are hard at work bringing many more features to your Viber phone. More ringtones (and custom ones), wallpapers, location based services and more are all coming soon to Viber!
We’d love to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, concerns or just want to share a Viber moment with us, please email us at, go to or find us on Facebook and Twitter:

* Operator data charges may apply
* For best experience, Android 2.2 or above is recommended. Please note that Viber for Android is currently in a Beta stage. If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear about it!

Recent changes:
This version contains a minor bugs fix.
Less description »

Latest version: (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

Download Instructions:
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