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G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea v1.11.170.1 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 2.1 +
Overview: This GPS-enabled golf aid tells you exactly how far you are from the green on courses around the world.

For whatever reason, the Korean package is the one that sells.

G-CORE Green Caddy is full featured GPS Golf Range Finder with graphical view. You can download all courses in Korea and 10 golf courses other areas with your choice. The 9 hole public course is free download.
*Auto Searching *Select Course *Preview Course
*Download Course
- Select By Area, Select Nearby Location, Request New Course, Check Updated Maps
*Advance Functions
- My Club Distance, View Average Distance, View Record, Course Recording, Measure Distance, GPS Information, Program Information
*Target Point *Camera *Meter/Yard *Left/Right Green
*Select/Modify Club *Scorecard/Input Score *Select Hole
*Mark Position - Measure Driving Distance
*Hole Note *Course Information *Check Green Slope
*Adjust Hole *Set pin
*Select Result Mode - Auto/Manual

1. Turn-on the GPS.
2. At first installed there is no course maps, please download course maps.
3. Read first the Help - Main Menu Help, Advance Menu Help, Play Menu Help, Play Screen Help.

Download Instructions: May Need Crack Use Offline

SWF Player - Flash ®FileViewer v1.56 (build 265) Apk Android

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: You can play .swf file by this Player. 

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[ About SWF Player ]
You can play .swf file by this Player. 

[ Feature ]
* can play swf file
* support Zoom in/out
* support play/stop controller
* support fullscreen 
* support multi touch virtual keypad.
* support Virtual Mouse
* support file browser
* support advanced settings (wmode, background color, wake-lock, rotaion, quality, scale ... etc)
* support swf file sharing
* support Gmail file attach
* support honeycomb device! 

[ information ]
You need to install Adobe® Flash® Player Plugin before using this player.

[ keywords ] 
fast swf flash® player flashplayer® web browser webkit webview
플래시 플레이어 adobe フラッシュ 闪存 閃存 вспышка salama फ़्लैश פלאש فلاش

[ trademarks ] 
Flash®is registered trademarks of Adobe® Systems, Inc.

Recent changes:
Ver 1.56
1. fix exceptions

Ver 1.55
1. add picture preview for
2. fix exceptions

Ver 1.54
1. fix exceptions

Ver 1.53
1. disable virtual key sound effect
2. fix exceptions

Ver 1.52
1. add play/stop controller feature
2. add LCD DPI setting option
3. fix exceptions 
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Latest version: v1.56 (build 265) (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)
Download Instructions:


Friday, December 30, 2011

Rotation Locker v1.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: I wrote this app to allow a user to lock the screen rotation in landscape, portrait or auto. The app is very simple, when you click on it, you're faced with these three options.

Long press on Landscape if you want the app to run as a background service (only use this if landscape mode terminates on its own).

I searched on the Market for an app that would lock the screen in landscape mode and found only one paid app that does it but actually runs a service continuously in the background regardless of the orientation mode. This app is free and the background service is optional 

Download Instructions:

ICS+ Launcher v1.4.0.0 [Unlocked] Android Apk App

Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher is a home replacement designed to give you the look and feel of the newest Android update by Google, Android 4.0 

What do you get with ICS+?

★Extra features and tweaks that free users can't access
★Text color tweaks
★Font Size Tweaks
★Battery Tweaks
★The ability to change the Launcher Status bar text color
★Change the Battery Indicator Type
★No Ads or search shortcuts
★More control over the launcher and its actions

What are the main features of ICS Launcher?

★Clones Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
★In-Launcher Status bar with ICS 4.0 Theme
★Smooth and snappy on proper devices (ask for help)
★Drag and Drop crosshairs (Garden Crosshairs)
★Auto-Cache Dump
★Tons of settings and features
★ICS styled folders
★Official ICS 4.0 Widget Resizing
★Official ICS 4.0 Screen indicator
★Official ICS 4.0 Wallpapers + Custom
★Official ICS 4.0 Search Bar
★Official ICS 4.0 Analog Clock
★Hide Labels on desktop and drawer
★Supports all sources of wallpapers
★Supports Live Wallpapers
★Scrollable Widgets
★Re-Sizable Widgets (Any resizable widget)
★And so much more!

What is planned for future updates?

★More Transitions
★More Widgets
★More Optimization and Fixes

Quick Tips and Help

★Click Menu to access System and Launcher settings
★Long-Click on any desktop to add items to any screen
★Swipe up to hide the notification bar on any home screen. Swipe down to bring it back.
★This Launcher may not run properly on all devices such as relatively antiquated or low-end phones!
★If you are experiencing Force Close errors, try clearing cache by pressing your menu hardware key on the homescreen, then select "manage apps" and "ICS 4.0 Launcher" under the "All" tab. Alternatively, you can uninstall and re-install the 12/20 update from the market.

Recent changes:
- In-Launcher Status bar
- Full Customization
- Garden Crosshairs
- Official Clock
- Official screen indicator
- Revamped Search Bar
- Revamped screen slide & bounce
- Dock bar fix (Icon getting stuck)
- Drawer Advancement
- Preparation for next update
- WebServer integration
- Transitions throughout
- New menus and navigations

Please remove the free version or previous version before installing this.

Download Instructions:


Tiki Kart 3D v1.4 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Extreme 3D Kart Racing, take complete control over the vehicle! Extreme physics, speed, crashes, weapons and more! 

Tiki Bobby has been making friends, enemies, and has even contacted some old buddies from way back, and they have decided to go racing!

From the depths of the volcano there has emerged some of the zaniest vehicles one could imagine. Ever thought of slapping some wheels on a giant piece of fruit and taking it for a spin? How about racing around in a turtle shell? Why not go a step further and race around in a fruity tropical drink, umbrella and all. If you would rather be the big bully on the road, why not ride around in big heavy log or a volcano powered lump of rock? We did not forget our traditionalist with a sleek powder keg powered drag racer and Tiki Bobby’s take on what a traditional kart should be.

Go deep into the world of Lonlo’s Volcano like never before. Enjoy the vistas as you barrel down the raceways of 15 fun filled tracks. Hold on tight to your seat as you encounter death defying jumps, spiral through corkscrew turns, speed through boost pads, and go full speed through gravity defying loopedy loops.

Snag a power up pineapple and shuffle through the available gifts to torture your opponents. Send a fireball right up the tailpipe of that guy who cut you off. Plop a puddle of oil or a big glob of goopy tar to discourage the person tailgating you. Fire off a mighty missile to plow its way through the competition. Drop off a mine to create a waiting danger zone. Swipe another drivers kit to anger him then send him to into a rage as you use the item of destruction on him instead. You can even be awarded an extra punch of nitro booster.

Bullet points -

- 8 karts
- 15 tracks
- Boosts
- Rockets
- Land Mines
- Fireballs
- Oil slicks
- Sticky Tar
- Fast paced
- Springs
- 3 Levels of difficulty and speed
- Each Kart has its own handling and abilities 
Acceleration, Top Speed, Traction, Boost power, Off-road ability.

Download Instructions:

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