Monday, May 14, 2012

GogoCafe v2.1 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Gogo Cafe - Tap Tap Fun Tycoon Game of Speedy Touch

 Gogo Cafe - Tap Tap Fun Tycoon Game of Speedy Touch
 GogoCafe is a Tycoon game that you service to customers with coffee and waffles.
 Manage your own café with better service and good ingredients.
 Also, let’s build your own building and decorate it.
 ※ Features:
 - Various ingredients for beverages.
 - Various ways for beverages.
 - Upgrade system.
 - Building system.
 ※ FAQ
 1.How to upgrade items.
 - You can go to item shop by tapping decoration button at result screen or going to the first floor in main screen.
 2.What are advantages if I upgrade items
 - You can earn more money and upgrade levels quickly
 3.What is an advantage if I lease the floor?
 - If you lease the floor you can earn more money while the floor is opening.
 4.How to decorate the floor?
 - When the floor is opening, tap the floor.
 The button of decorations will pop up.
 5.How do you know the waffles are done?
 - When the green lamp flickers.
 6.Waffles are not good enough to toast. What can I do?
 - If you touch the waffles’ keepers, you can remove them.
 7.When can I go to the item store and building?
 - When you collect all level 1 ingredients, you can go.

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